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  • EMDRIA recertification CE's (EC provider #17025) are arranged for EMDR-related courses
  • IFS recertification CE's are arranged for IFS-related courses (except IFS Intros)
  • Psychologist, Social Worker, Counselor CE's are arranged through Commonwealth Educational Seminars (CES) Please check that website for info on your specific state.
  • NJ Social Workers: We have applied for 13 CE credits for IFS-Informed EMDR 2-Day through ASWB ACE.


All workshops require some prior preparation or prerequisite workshops. Lots of information to integrate. We want you to receive optimal benefit.


  • Repeater: Half off to repeat IFS-Informed EMDR 2-Day if you have already taken it.
  • Discovery Bundle: Save $50 by registering for IFS-Informed EMDR 2-Day plus Discovery & Beyond together.
  • Staff: Blue Ridge Treks or Roots Counseling Center (Self & System workshop only).

Workshop Leader and Consultant

Bruce Hersey, LCSW, is an Approved Consultant in EMDR and also a Certified IFS Therapist. Having completed IFS Levels One, Two & Three Training, and as a repeat Level One Program Assistant he has passionately imparted his deep understanding of the model by teaching numerous introductory IFS workshops, leading IFS and IFS-Informed EMDR consultation groups, and providing individual IFS and IFS-Informed EMDR consultation. He has presented at the IFS International Conference several times, and has been teaching workshops on the integration of EMDR & IFS since 2013.

In addition to this, Bruce is a Certified Sex Therapist Supervisor through AASECT, and has expertise in Clinical Hypnosis. Bruce has also published short animated educational introduction videos on IFS (Finding Your Parts) and EMDR (EMDR at a Glance) on YouTube.

An LCSW in private practice at Altoona, PA for the past 30 years, Bruce provides advanced consultation in IFS, EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis and Sex Therapy in person, by phone and online video conferencing.

Guides (our workshop helpers)

"A Guide is a person who advises or shows the way to others. Workshop helpers have been a huge part of the success of my workshops over the years. They are people who have taken my workshops and/or have been in group or individual consultation with me. Sometimes they have learned alongside me where I have gone to learn. Most likely they are at least a little more familiar with the material being taught than the workshop students, and I invite them as Guides because of the Self-Energy they provide, which supports the learning, growth, and healing we intend at each workshop. Most of all, I consider these special people friends."

Limited Spaces - enroll early!

These workshops are experiential. We try to maximize practice opportunities, which are coached by our talented Guides. So, we limit all workshops to a maximum of 30 students, so we can assign one Guide to each student group of three.


"I am inspired by synchronicity, the convergence of models and methods of healing. Healing is a singularity, it exists separately beyond models and methods. It is understood more clearly and facilitated more deftly as one's perspective expands though additional dimensions of knowing.

IFS, EMDR, and Coherence Therapy (based on memory reconsolidation research) provide a cutting-edge nexus of these dimensions. Communication skills informed by clinical hypnosis improve the delivery of these methods.

All internal experiential phenomena appear to mirror the external universe, and thus concepts from physics have been useful metaphors for the inner space-time matrix, energies involved in healing, and what happens within. I have drawn from relativity, quantum physics, and other physical principles to deepen my familiarity with the world inside."

Pre-Recorded CE Courses at

Other online Bruce Hersey courses you can access online any time and take at your own pace are:

IFS for EMDR Therapists - 3.0 CE

IFS-Informed EMDR: The IFS Interweave - 6.0 CE

Discovery: IFS-Informed EMDR with Blended Protectors - 3.0 CE

What people are saying about Bruce's workshops:

“I have been using EMDR Therapy extensively for more than a decade. The IFS-Informed EMDR Training has expanded my toolkit in ways that have re-energized my practice. EMDR and IFS are natural partners, and my clients are benefitting.”

Sonja Lindgren, MSS, LCSW

"I have already begun using your approach with my clients. It went beautifully!!! Much thanks! I've been to some of these things and been lucky to walk away with a small idea - this was one of the best I've attended!"

Deborah Reilly, LPC, NBCC

"So appreciate your presence and solid teaching style. Loved your demos."

Sabine Boots, LMFT

"I feel like I am taking away a renewed interest in, and capacity for, including EMDR in my practice again. Your map and your ideas on how IFS and EMDR interweave, gave me a much clearer sense of how to do this. Your demos were especially helpful in showing this process. I also deeply appreciate your style, your energy and your being so real in presenting this wealth of awareness you have of how different models weave together. It was well worth my trip."

Gary Whited, Ph.D.

"Thank you for an enriching day. I appreciated your easy style and relaxed manner. It made for an atmosphere of safety."

Susan Carpenter, LCSW

"Bruce’s easy-going, accepting manner creates the kind of safe environment that optimizes learning and vulnerable sharing."

Ellen Watson, MSS

"Very well organized, interesting and concise introduction to the blending of IFS and EMDR.

I do hope that Bruce can do more of these workshops beyond the introductory level and continue enlighten us with more of his amazing clinical work & true talent for engaging clients. "

Lucienne Despota, LCSW

"It is a relief to attend a training that is so comprehensive and integrating of various materials. Bruce clearly has a lot of knowledge about EMDR and IFS. He has developed a wonderful weaving of these approaches, theory and practice, with creativity and focus on “being with” the client."

Ann Friedenheim, LPC

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