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PawPanther Principal

By: Lara Krivobokov and Marissa Szymanski

Student Staff Writers

Mrs. Judy Brown, the principal at Ferderbar Elementary School, started here in 2000 and has been working here ever since.

She went to the La Salle University to become a teacher. Then she went to Rider University to become an assistant principal. Now she is our favorite principal and she loves her job!

Her favorite thing about her job is she gets to interact with students every day. One of her least favorite parts about her job is when parents don’t follow the parking rules.

Every Things Fun at the Elf Fund

By: Alyssa Burns & Lacey Powell

Student Staff Writer

Don’t you just love helping people have a better life? Well that’s what we do at the elf fund dinner. We raise money from the elf fund that our school nurse, Mrs. Dempsey, takes and gives it to the needy families. We had interviewed her to see how she felt about the elf fund. “I think everyone did a great job, but I was worried because the fifth grade was gone.” The coordinator of the elf fund is Mrs. Geiger. We also asked her some questions, “Fifteen years I’ve been running the Elf Fund. I love helping the Elf Fund it is so fun.” The menu for this year was spaghetti, meat balls, bread, salad, brownies, water, and ice tea. We had a lot of great waiters to serve all of the guests. There were 2 shifts of 4th graders who participated being an Elf waiter. The second shift people consisted of: Carly Campbell, Kelly Groves, Olivia Hughes, Chris Johnson, Amit Kreminski, Daniel Karaben, Katey Trommer, Nancy Traboulsi, Ameira Green, Julia Dimov, Angelina Ferrandino , Trinity Lewanowicz , Kaitlyn Turnbull , Muke Akume , Tayor Quarry, Gabby Lorandea , and last but not least Marissa Szymanski. A picture of these students was published in a local newspaper.

Fourth Grade Weather Club

By: Amanda Chen and Katie Trommer

Student Staff Reporter

We have many clubs in the morning. One of the clubs is the weather club. Mrs. Compton and Mr. Weldie both run the weather club. What they are going to do first is measure the wind speed. They made barometers. To make a barometer they used a straw, Jar and balloon. That is how they’re going to measure the wind speed. What they’re going to do next is measure the temperature in the quart yard. That is what they’re going to do for next week and this week. That’s what they’re going to do in the weather club.

The 5 Day Forecast is…

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd


rain, fog and cloudy

Thursday, Dec. 24th


showers & thunderstorms

Friday, Dec. 25th


chance of a little rain

Saturday, Dec. 26th


cloudy; a little rain and cooler

Sunday, Dec. 27th


cloudy; a little rain; warm


By: Muke Akume & James Gonglik

PawPower Press Staff

A recess is a fun part of the day. You can play soccer, walking program, basketball, four square, wood chips, team touch down, kick ball, and jump rope. They are all fun games and this is why.

Four square is a fun game. One third grader said that it is their favorite recess game. She stated that four square is a game you get to play with your best friends. You can pass the ball or you can be a starter. The best square of all of the other squares is square #1. Four-square is an amazing game and you should play it sometime.

Basketball is also a great game. It proves to be a great game because eight out of 63 students said it was their favorite game. They said it was their favorite game because of being able to compete with friends. Basketball is an extraordinary game.

Walking program is a good way to exercise by walking miles and having a contest for the person who walked the most miles with the class and grade. A lot of people like doing this activity. Twelve people said that they loved the walking program. It is something great that you can do for exercise and spending time talking to your friends. You should try it sometime.

Soccer is another fun game too. Four people said that it was their favorite game during recess. A few people said it wasn’t their favorite game but it is still a fun game to play. It is especially fun when you steal the ball and knock over the cone. If you choose this activity for recess, you will not regret it.

The wood chips are the most popular for all grades. By the time you get out to recess to play, every activity is taken or filled up. Twenty-three out of 63 students decided it was their favorite activity at recess. The swings are hard to get a chance to go on because everyone wants them.

Team touchdown is always occupied unless it is blacktop only. There are two teams of four. The first team gets the ball and whoever has it cannot move until he or she throws the ball. If you drop the ball, the ball goes to the other team and they try to score. It keeps going on and on until the end of recess.

Kickball is very fun too, but mostly third and fourth graders play it. The rules are simple; it is kind of like baseball but with a kick ball. Two teams of four play until three outs.

Jump rope is not as popular in the last recess. There are three recesses for Ferderbar. Jump rope is simple, you just jump rope. You can do all kinds of jumps. There are regular jumps, partner jumps, and crisscross jumps.

As stated above, recess is very fun for all grades. There are so many games to choose from.

Newest Instrumental Teacher

by Brett Cohen

Student Staff Writer

Mr. Barrel is Ferderbar’s new band teacher. He thinks the kids are energetic and they are really eager to learn, which will take them far. Mr. Barrel actually lives on a farm. He likes visiting his horses and donkeys. He also likes going to the gym and is a first degree black belt in karate. Tennis is another fun activity to play when it’s warm outside. On his time on his farm, Mr. Barrel enjoys his ATV. He also likes playing archery there. He hikes and plays with the animals too. In the winter time, he enjoys having snowball fights and then drink hot chocolate.

Mr. Barrel stated that his goal is to make sure his students learn while having fun through band. His favorite instrument is the trombone. He went to Penn State. While at Penn State, he played in the annual trombone festive in Ranchester, New York. If anyone is interested in band come see Mr. Barrel. Have a Great Christmas!

Veterans Day Time

By: Renee Charles & Kaitlyn Turnbull

Student Staff Reporter

The United States celebrates Veterans Day. Veterans day is a day that we honor men and women who served in armed services. Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th each year. Veterans Day all started in 1918. We celebrate Veterans Day to honor people who served in the country’s service such as the Airforce, Navy, and Army. Veterans Day marks the end of the most destructive and fatal wars.

Mr. Weldie, a fourth grade teacher, was in the army for eight years. Mr. Weldie said that when he was in the army, he was appreciated differently. One hard thing was getting his hair cut off. He had hard training, and he had to be away from home. Mr. Weldie met new people and still talk to them today. Mr. Weldie had three years of active duty.

As you can see, Veterans Day is not only important to us, this day is also important to the world!

What’s Happening at the School Store?

By: Nina Garmash & Jamie Tran

Student Staff Reporter

The school store’s main purpose is to raise money for the school. Mrs. Agster, her daughter Layla is in second grade, makes it all happen with the help of other parent volunteers and students. With money earnings of $250 a month, Mrs. Agster says that all the money goes right back to Ferderbar. Most kids buy smelly erasers and the school store runs low on these popular items. To make money, Mrs. Agster sells things for one cent more than they are purchased for. For example, if Mrs. Agster bought an item for 99 cents, she would then sell it to students for a dollar. She enjoys her job running the school store. It is open on Friday mornings from 8:50AM to 9:10AM.

Top Five Gifts for Christmas

By: Skyler Peraria

Student Staff Writer

Don’t know what to give someone for Christmas? Not anymore! For all of you last minute shoppers, here is what most kids want for Christmas.

#1- A Hoverboard

Tis the season to be pricey! Hoverboards range in price from $254.99 to $549.999 (plus tax)

#2- Xbox One

Can’t afford out last gift? Another thing that everyone seems to want is an Xbox One. These gifts range from $359.99 to $399.99

#3 Playstation 4

Lots of people want gaming consoles and games this year. This console sells from $249.99 at Walmart.

#4 Wii U

Another popular game choice this holiday season is the Wii U. This game can even be played without a TV! Can you believe that? Get this game for $299.99 at a store near you!

#5 Forza 6

Last but not least is the game Forza 6. It is available on one of our previous gifts, the Xbox One. This game can be purchased at GameStop for $59.99.