Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship is being a good role model and "citizen" of the internet.

Digital Media is anything media related (picture, music, etc.) that you post on the internet.

The Role of Digital Media

Being a high schooler in the 21st century, technology is playing a much bigger part in our lives than the people before us. Digital media is the biggest influence on many of our lives. The pictures and music that people post online tells us the way we should act and what we should be like. Digital media can be good but there are people out there that will do bad things with it.

Digital Footprint is what you leave when you put anything on the internet.

Everything you post on the internet stays even if you have deleted it. Colleges and future employers are starting to look at your online accounts to see if they will want to hire you. So if you put something bad on the internet that will most likely be a deal breaker to the employer. Also if you are already working at a business and you would happen to post something bad about it they have the right to fire you.

NetSafety Blog: Digital Footprints

Image is the way people see you. Double standard is having different rules for different people

The pros of meeting people online is that you could save time and you have a much more focused search of the person you're looking for. A con is that the person you're talking to could be lying abou who they are. Another con is that you may not have the same relationship you would if you were actually with each other. In my opinion the cons outweigh the pros.

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