Knollwood Technology Update #4

April 8th, 2014

There's an App for That!

We are beginning the process of finding apps for the iPads and iPods! As our iPad numbers grow and we move towards 1:1, we will be continually looking for iPod/iPad apps that foster creativity, collaboration and engagement! The following process will happen to request apps for student iPads.

  • Research and find the app.
  • Look the app up in iTunes.
  • Look at the reviews and write-up for the app.
  • If the reviews are good, you will download the app on your teacher iPad.
    (If you don't have a teacher iPad, come see me!)
  • Test drive the app on your teacher iPad.
  • Then, complete this form.

I will review the app and then, if it gets approved, place it on student iPads. We will discuss this more in the next few weeks, but wanted to go ahead and announce the new method!

CAUGHT! [using technology!]

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