Power in China

By Jason G


China is a big country. It's area is 3.748 square miles. Being a big country helps it have power. I'd the country is bigger, then it has more land. More lands means there are more resources. China can sell these resources which gives them money, and with money, they can buy and create many things to improve the country.


Since China is a big country, it makes sense for China to also have a big population. The population of China is 1.351 billion poeple. That's four times the population of the United States. Having a big population means you have more workers. Having more people working in your country improves the economy of the country. A better economy lets you make or create things to improve the country.
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China has the worlds largest education system. People in China really care about education. In China, schools are run by the government. They recently passed a law saying you must complete a minimum of 9 years of school. Many Chinese people get into high level colleges. In China, a teacher is the most honored profession. Obviously, China really cares about education, which is good. The leaders of a country should be smart, they should be able to figure out what is best for the country. If a leader isn't smart, they might make some decisions that aren't very smart.
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China's military is the best military in the world. There military has over 600,000 people in it. It is about half and half with men and women. There military has great weapons, however they don't want people to know about most of their weapons. Having a good military can help a country defend itself. If another country tries to attack you, it's not game over. Also, when a war starts in another country and your country has a good military, they might want your military to help them.

Physical Features

China has many physical features. There are multiple rivers in China and there are even a few mountain ranges. They can catch fish from the rivers and sell them to make money. In the mountains, they can start mines. In the mines, they can collect coal, gold, iron ore, diamonds, and other minerals. They can sell these to gain money.

Economy Productivity

There are many companies that outsource to China. You probably know that a lot of products say "Made in China". Companies have their products built in China because Chinese labor is cheap. With so many companies outsourcing in China, that gives China a lot of money. Even they they don't get paid a lot, they get paid by a lot of companies, which gives them lots of money.