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You probably know about Philae, a comet that landed on a comet in 2014. Before this time, however, this kind of stuff was only fiction in books. There is more: people have invented suspended animation for surgeries. Have you ever read the book Cinder? The girl is turned into a cyborg using this technique. It is a very good book, if you ever want to read it. And that's still not all! Based on the rate science is being discovered, people can predict in what year we will get new inventions.

2014 - 2015 Breakthroughs

Telepathy Successfully Demonstrated in Humans

From Most Futuristic Predictions that Came True

Surprisingly, the system was non-invasive, meaning you didn't have to implant anything in the brain for it to work. A little box is placed behind your neck. You think what you want to say, and with the help of the internet, you can talk to someone from across the world. In fact, they placed someone in France, and one in India, a they were able to mentally transmit the words "hola" and "ciao".

Scientists "Uploaded" a Worms Mind into a Robot

From Most Futuristic Predictions that Came True

How? you might ask. Well, scientists studied a worms neurons, and put them into the robot. They programmed the robot to move exactly how a worm would move.

A Computer Solved a Math Problem that we can't Check

From Most Futuristic Predictions that Came True

A computer solved the Erdos discrepancy problem. However, this problem is not ordinary math problem. It's as long as all of Wikipedia's pages combined, so we can't check it.