Thomas Jefferson

By : Kiera Schoolcraft


I will be writing about Thomas so we can go back to his life and learn about him.

First it will be about his early life to see what it was like for him. Next is Thomas Jefferson and his family how he lived. The next one is about Thomas Jefferson and him being the governor and minister. To top it off I will be writing about Thomas Jefferson to learn about him.


So that was about Thomas Jefferson his early life, family, and govener and minister. So Thomas had most of his life was spent school. Thomas had a big family which he had a bunch of siblings and his father died. He was a govener and minister of France but but gave up his seat in September. So Thomas Jefferson was a great man with his early life, family, and being govener.


Congress: a formal meeting in which experts discuss important matters.

Quotes:to repeat something written or said by another person exactly.

Legislature:a person who makes laws a member of a legislative.


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