201 Update

all the going ons from the #1 class on the 2nd floor

Week of February 8th 2016

Today marks the 100th day of school! We did a lot of fund writing and math activities today to celebrate.

On Friday we will also be having a small Valentine's day celebration and card exchange. Flynn's mom is in charge of organizing snacks so please let her know if you can contribute. edunnuck@gmail.com

As far as cards go, if your child chooses to participate we only ask that they send in a card for each student. (List below)

1. Wilder

2. Sam

3. Rahjeek

4. Soren

5. Flynn

6. Serenity

7. Sadie

8. Gwen

9. Maggie

10. E'Yonna

11. Elena

12. Henry

13. Jamaron

14. Noble

15. Anthony

16. Eleanor

17. Carter

18. Noraya

19. Jovani

This Week In Learning!

  • Reading- This week we will be working on identifying the main idea of multi-paragraph texts. We will use graphic organizers to find the main idea and supporting details.
  • Writing- This quarter we will be working on writing opinion pieces. We want to be able to state our opinions and support them with reasons, finishing up with solid conclusions.
  • Math- This week we will be looking at defining attributes of polygons, including number of sides and angles. We should be able to name and draw polygons given a set of defining attributes.
  • FUNdations- This week we continue studying R-controlled vowel syllables. This week we will be focusing on -er, -ur and -ir. New trick words learn, picture, earth
  • Science- We start our quarter long unit on sound. We will experiment to gain an understanding of the relationship between sound and vibrating objects.
  • Social Studies- This quarter we will be learning about various cultures influence their communities.

Awesome Learners Learning!!!

Upcoming Dates and Reminders

  • Monday Feb. 8th After School Art classes start
  • Friday Feb. 19th Regular school day (snow make up day)
  • Monday Feb. 22nd Non school day (work day)
  • Tuesday Mar. 15th Math Carnival Night and chicken dinner 5:30-7:00