By: Camryn Denver

Canadian Seperatism: According to the Quebecs

Sixty one percent of Canadians think that Quebec has enough sovereignty within Canada. Quebecers want to become sovereign from Canada. The Clarity Act of 2000 essentially eliminates the possibility of legal separation now that the Federal government must approve it. Separatists do still exist and are considered immigrants. According to the Quebecs, they believe they need to be their own sovereign country. Quebec is a french speaking territory and can survive economically. On the last federal election, Quebecs voted completely different than the rest of Canada. Quebecs feel as if they are not a part of the Canadian people and Canadian separatism is something they want.

Biggest problems Facing Canada in 2014: Seperatism

The biggest problem to face Canada is 2014 is the status of majority- French province of Quebec within Canadas majority-Anglo confederation. Most visitors to Quebec and Montreal consider it "European" in culture. The people of Quebec very much value their culture and character of their province. Canada has faced the problem of Quebec wanting to break off and become their own sovereign country. Canada's federal government has failed and have given no pretext for separatist forces to rally. This has become a problem facing Canada because Quebec is the core of Canadas population and economic activity. So, if Quebec becomes a sovereign country then there is nothing else but frozen land in Canada.

Canadian Culture Identity

Canada is a multicultural country and is considered the land of 500 languages. Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, English, are all found in Canada. Salim Mansur, a political scientist at the University of Ontario believes that the numerous languages spoken in Canada is only a problem. Canada doesn't have an identified culture but instead just has a mix. It is believed that Canada is viewed as a country without a core culture.

Chapter 8 Section 3: Canada Today

Canada has emerged from the struggle to become a prosperous nation. Its gross national product is among the top twenty in the world. Stable governments and high standards of living has helped developed Canada. It is a blend of culture while still being a leader in worldwide organizations. Seventy-seven percent of the nations people live in cities. Canada borders with the United States that allows the transport of goods between the countries. Canada buys nearly 25 percent of the United States exports. Some people do not like Canada's relationship with the U.S. because it feels as if the U.S. is overshadowing Canada. Today, Canada is a country that is on the rise and is doing well. The major problem facing Canada is the problem with Quebec.