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Bath Regional Career & Technical Center - May 20, 2022



Applied Academics - “Blake McMahan (Morse HS) is always the first one to class in the morning. He’s gotten into the groove of helping Ms. Clark by turning on the lights around the classroom. He routinely does his work ahead of time and always has his assignments handed in on time.” ~~ Ms. Clark
Automotive AM - “Brandon Read (Morse HS) was the first-semester student of the semester and continues to hold the line of high standards in the class. His participation and devotion are clearly evident. His attitude is always positive and is a reflection of his character. Congratulations once again, Mr. Read! Keep up the great work.” ~~ Mr. Minott
Automotive PM - “Nathaniel Jewett (Morse HS) is an automotive senior who is deserving of this recognition. One thing is for sure, the class would not be the same without him. The contributions he brings are natural, beneficial, refreshing, and priceless. Mr. Jewett is a very hard-working individual who takes extreme care and pride in everything he puts his hand to. I am confident he will succeed in whatever direction he goes. Good work, Mr. Jewett!” ~~ Mr. Minott
Carpentry AM - “Ryan Amaral (Boothbay Regional HS) is a first-year student that has earned and deserves the student of the semester award. Ryan does very well academically and hands-on in his class. He has demonstrated that he knows how to be a leader. He stays on task when asked to do something and he works well with his classmates. Ryan is always respectful to his classmates, Mr. Beauregard and myself. I am looking forward to watching him grow as a student and a young man. Ryan might not be as respectful to me after I beat him one on one in basketball, but he still deserves the honor.” ~~ Mr. Bernier
Carpentry PM - “Michael Hendrickson (Wiscasset MHS) is a second-year student that has been selected as the student of the semester. Michael has worked very hard this year and has been very consistent over the two years in our program. Michael has the ability to work with anyone and knows how to be respectful and professional. One of Michael’s strengths is that he can be very meticulous when it comes to his work. For the above reasons, it was very easy to choose Michael as a student of the semester and I know he will do well in the carpentry field when he graduates.” ~~ Mr. Bernier

Culinary Arts AM - “Aaron Bilugan (Morse HS) has been a fantastic student all year. Not only is he talented but he also embodies what a kitchen should be. He is helpful, kind, and always quick to make someone laugh. He truly has a zest for learning and always gives 100% effort in everything that he does, in and out of school. He tackles every challenge that he comes across in the kitchen, without complaint or pause. If Aaron sees another student struggling with their task or cleaning at the end of the day, he helps, no questions asked. We are so lucky to have him in Culinary!” ~~ Chef Tamburo

Culinary Arts PM - “Alana Brown (Lincoln Academy) is eager to learn with a deep work ethic. She gets along with all her peers and is willing to help others when needed whether it is in the kitchen, classroom, or on the computer. Alana has natural insights when it comes to baking. Her talents are a gift she brings to the program. She worked hard at the wedding cake competition at Skills and came home with a silver medal! She is a true pleasure!” ~~ Chef Tamburo, Chef Baldwin
Cosmetology AM - “Not only is Jean Paul (Morse HS) an exceptional student, she is a wonderful person! Jean is driven, always working hard to understand and grasp concepts, all while helping and encouraging her peers to do the same. She is dependable and has impeccable attention to detail. It has been a pleasure to have Jean in the Cosmetology program!” ~~ Ms. Sawyer
Cosmetology PM - “Olivia Cunningham (Morse HS) is a tenacious student, who is passionate about learning. She comes to class prepared and is eager to gain knowledge and experience. Olivia always has a smile on her face and engages with her peers in a kind and positive way. She has been a joy to have in class!” ~~ Ms. Sawyer
Early Childhood AM - “Lindsay Dibert (Wiscasset MHS) has shown much enthusiasm and excitement in working with young children. She is always prepared and eager to work. Her passion for the little ones can be seen daily as she plans and works with her students. Lindsay is always commenting on much she loves working with them and “wants to take them home”. Lindsay plans on teaching in the future and will continue to develop her skills while returning next year.” ~~ Ms. Parlin
Early Childhood PM - “Mackenzie Muldowney (Maine Connections Academy) has been a solid student who is always willing to share ideas and will jump in to help at any moment. She is a take-charge kind of person who isn’t thrown when the plan changes. She is dedicated and compassionate to her students and has spent much of the year working with a student to help him learn sign language. She has a job working at a local daycare center and has enjoyed this new opportunity. Mackenzie will make a wonderful teacher and is attending SMCC in the fall for Early Childhood Education with a concentration in American Sign Language.” ~~ Ms. Parlin
Engineering & Arch. Design - “Emily Tetzlaff (Morse HS) is a creative, kind, and talented student. She puts effort into every design project that she works on. She always comes ready to work and learn, and brings her positive energy to the class. Emily is planning for a future in architecture as she heads to college next year.” ~~ Ms. Harrison
Design and Fab Exploration - “Emma McCue (Morse HS) has been an outstanding student in the Fab Exploration program. She brings a quiet thoughtfulness to everything she does in class. Her creativity shines through in the projects she does both in and out of school. It has been a pleasure to have Emma in Fab Exploration.” ~~ Ms. Harrison
Graphic Design AM - “Taiton Schutt (Morse HS) is a first-year graphic design student with a passion for photography. He is a responsible and involved student who works well with his peers and is always willing to help out. Taiton has been a big help with live work and gets excited about local design contests which makes him a terrific role model for his peers. Taiton’s work ethic and perseverance is always strong, I look forward to having him in the classroom for another school year!” ~~ Ms. Brochu
Graphic Design PM - “It has been fun getting to know Tristan Pepe (Wiscasset MHS) over the past two school years. Tristan is an illustrator of Manga art. In his spare time, he records voiceovers. He is quick to learn and has a strong knowledge of computers after building his own computer! Tristan has been a big help in the classroom with just about anything that needs to be done, from organizing to set up new printers and computers. It will be exciting to learn where his skills take him, he will be an asset in the creative industry!” ~~ Ms. Brochu
Health Science, CNA - “McKayla King (Wiscasset MHS) has been a great student all year. She works hard and finishes her work on time. She accepted all challenges in the clinical setting and completed tasks with confidence. She is motivated and proactive in her learning. She will be coming back next year to Medical Science and then plans to continue her education in nursing after high school graduation.” ~~ Mrs. Beauregard
Medical Science - “JennieLea Giles (Boothbay Regional HS) has been a pleasant surprise this year. She started out the year with no interest in the medical field at all. She has grown more than any student that I have seen in any of my classes. Her motivation and diligence in studying has been an inspiration to myself and to her peers. She plans to come back next year to take the CNA program and is now considering a career in the medical field.” ~~ Mrs. Beauregard

Welding AM - “Oliver Hunter (Lincoln Academy) is one of those pleasant surprises I’ve received this year. Quiet and somewhat reserved in the shop, he has become much more competent and comfortable with his new environment. His work is nothing short of outstanding and his attention to detail is excellent. Oliver has a calm reverence that is somewhat uncommon amongst his peers and I believe this quality will not only keep him humble, which is an excellent quality and will also allow him to take on the inevitable failures a welding student will encounter in their journey for perfection without losing faith that perfection maybe just one more practice assembly away.” ~~ Mr. Carter

Welding PM - “Quintin Webster (Morse HS) is one of the finest young people I’ve had the pleasure to teach in my five years at Bath Tech. His performance in the shop is that of someone who has goals that will be met, not just dreamt of and forgotten when the next new thing comes along. I have a sincere admiration for his ability to put on his game face and go to work even when I know he’s having a “bad day.” Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, for his discipline and dedication to not only his craft but to those he calls his friends. Quintin is more than an excellent student, he’s a good man.” ~~ Mr. Carter

Electricity AM -” Kevin Crossley (Lincoln Academy) is a valuable asset to the Electrical program. He works well independently as well as he does collaboratively. He is creative. Kevin is quiet but a bull worker. It is a pleasure to have him in the class.” ~~ Mr. Hixon

Electricity PM - “Gavin Pinkham (Lincoln Academy) is a great electrician. He is attentive during the long book work time in class. He is also a leader in the lab section. Always positive, Gavin makes the class a more enjoyable place for everyone. I am glad to have had Gavin in the class.” ~~ Mr. Hixon



  • We are looking for a senior who is interested in being the student speaker at the end of the year ceremony. If you are interested, please talk to your teacher or Ms. Clark for more information.
  • Seniors were given invitations for the senior celebration this week. Please ask them to share them with those adults who plan to attend this wonderful in-person event.



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The end of the school year is quickly approaching:

- don't forget to pay all bills you might owe the school (overdue library books, automotive bills, etc.)

- Stay caught up on your work

- Come to school so you don't fall behind!

- Pay attention to the Important Dates listed below


Wednesday, May 25 - CNA Pinning Ceremony - 8:30 am Montgomery Theater UPDATED TIME

Thursday, May 26 - End of the Year Ceremony - 12 noon Montgomery Theater - In-Person Celebration of our Bath Tech Seniors!

Monday, May 30 - Memorial Day - No School

Thursday, June 2 - NTHS Induction Ceremony - 9:00 am Montgomery Theater

June 27-July 1 Summer Bridge - A CTE experience


If your student will be absent from Bath Tech, please call 443-8257 (press 1 at the main menu) to report the absence. If it goes to voice mail, please leave a message. Thank you.


Interested Students

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