Technology in Review

Showing the Change by: Keegan Wulf


While those in the newer generation may be surprised to hear this, technology has been improving and changing at such a fast rate that just a few short decades ago computers and even the internet were almost unrecognizable. So why not take a glance back and see just how far we've come.

"Back in my Day..."

The Elder Computers

When you think a computer your first thought might go to the sleek and powerful laptops created by Apple or the reliable desktops running windows. The early computers however were far from sleek, in fact the earliest computer called the ENIAC that was built !946 took up an entire room at the University of Pennsylvania. It wasn't until almost 40 years later with the Osbourne that the first portable computer was built.

The Internet of Old

Today, the internet is one of the most crucial tools we have access to. People live their lives based around the internet, yet the super highway of information used to be very different. Surprisingly, the internet is actually a pretty recent invention, only becoming mainstream in the 1990's. Back in those early days though simple things like just accessing the internet was a challenge. In order to connect you had to dial-up to it, which prevented anyone in the house from using a phone while you were on. The charges for usage were also much higher than today with you being charged by the hour for using it!

What we've Become

A Reference of Progress

It is truly a marvel at how much we have progressed. Our technology has progressed at such a rapid rate that even the least powerful devices we have access to would be massively high tech a couple of decades ago. The old desktop computer from a little over a decade ago was 1/850 the power of the average iPhone and the technology used to run the Apollo program was ten-thousand times less powerful than what we have today.