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News From Dr. Dutt For Students

Virtual Learning Reminders

Just a few reminders for all students;

  • Attendance DOES count during virtual learning;
  • Participation and work completion ALSO COUNT;
  • Promotion to the next gradel leve and Graduation will follow the same guidelines as if we are on campus.

This link will bring you to the original communication about expectations for students with more detail; but I must stress that your attendance and participation is paramount while we are learning at home!


  1. This week we will transition into a new schedule. Monday and Tuesday will be a Straight 8 like last week but we will start instruction at 8:30 instead of 7:30. Starting Wednesday, we will move to an A/B rotating day schedule; also starting at 8:30. Both schedules conclude at 12:25.
  2. Students will be required to sign in for attendance for the classes that are being held each day. Attendance must be logged by 12:00 (Noon).
  3. The bell schedules are listed below.
Big picture
Big picture

ZOOM Virtual Classes

Most of your teachers will be inviting you to ZOOM with them for classes starting next week. I want to remind you that ZOOM is being utilized for classroom instruction and at times, check-in periods between students and teachers. Here are some basic rules that you should follow as we embark on this new adventure of virtual classrooms. Your teachers may establish their own norms as well.

  • Please show up on time at the scheduled time.
  • Find a quiet place, free from distraction (siblings, pets, parents, televisions).
  • Maintain RESPECT in both speaking, writing, and appearance.
  • Stay on mute if not participating verbally to elminate background noise.
  • Refrain from chewing gum, eating, or drinking in front of the camera.


How to use ZOOM for students

Mental Health Resources

This is a very difficult time for all of us; not just for school but for life in general. Should you find yourself struggling and in need of some encouragement or help - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Below you will find a link to a new page on our district website with resources for mental health during this trying time. Also remember that your school counselors and case managers are here to assist. We are only a phone call or email away. Use us!

Letter to Parents from Ms. Bilotti