What Doesn't Kill You Makes You 💪

Laura Stefan

Lea Anne Stefan

My mom homeschooled me in kindergarten and second through sixth grade. Being homeschooled was a great part of my life. She helped me switch from homeschool to public school. My mom has always been someone I could go to when I'm sad or frustrated with life.

Ed Stefan

My dad has been here for me my entire life to guide me. He has taught me important life skills that have guided me through the problems I’ve encountered throughout my life.

Matthew Stefan

Matthew has been a really fun person to be around. He likes to introduce me to video games and we have had some great times together. My oldest brother has been a huge part of my life and getting through the tough decisions.

Mark Stefan

Mark and I do not always get along well. One minute we are friends, and the next we scream and yell at each other, but we are siblings. We help each other when we need it, and fighting is just part of him being my brother. I love him despite his annoying face.

"Big Ideas" of my life

Some big ideas of my life are courage, determination, loyalty, love, kindness, influential, compassion, loss, family, teamwork, and challenge.

My theme

I chose "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" to be my theme because it describes all the challenges I've faced in my life. My life so far has been kind of like a rollercoaster. Challenge after challenge is thrown at me, and the second one ends, a new challenge begins. Each of these have provided me with necessary life skills that help me conquer the next challenge, so they make me an overall stronger person.


The setting of my story is primarily my house. The setting is important because to majority of my life is spent at home, especially when I was homeschooled. Also, one of my biggest challenges was building the house. If my setting was not my house, my story would have been different because I would not have built my house. Building my house has taken a majority of my story.

Main Events

I have had three main challenges in my life so far: Building my house, being homeschooled, and switching to public school. What I would consider to be the climax of my story is switching to public school. This contributes to my theme because going to public school is just another challenge in my life. It was tough to transition from being homeschooled to being public schooled, but it has made me a stronger person.
Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)