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  • Clean healthy environment, very colourful (opal-like sky, dominantly purple plants)
  • Organisms age at half the rate that humans on Earth do
  • Includes cities and suburbs. Cities surrounded by natural life
  • On a newly discovered earth-like planet in another star system far away

  • Not native to one specific industry, inclusive of different kinds such as the music industry, banking industry, and agricultural industry


  • Discrimination and violence aren’t tolerated
  • No segregation by, wealth, race, ethnicity, beliefs, gender, and sexuality.
  • No hatred, murder is not allowed.
  • Those who aren't accepting aren't allowed


We are people from diverse cultures and ethical backgrounds. We have different beliefs and opinions, yet we are still open-minded people who don’t intentionally hurt others. We acknowledge that we all have different capabilities, skill sets, etc. (we are very inclusive of those with disabilities). We are also very considerate people. The differences between Iridescents and the human race is that we don't die, we don't get sick, and we can choose any age we want and we stay that age forever.


Our government is very progressive and liberal. To pick our leader, everyone writes a description of the qualities they want in their leaders and according to their suggestion, a computer program will list all candidates that fit the descriptions and we vote. Candidates have the right to decline leadership. The Justice System is based on reformation, and not punishment.

People are provided with basic needs (food, shelter, water, etc.). Other items that are desired must be earned through work. The shelter accommodations that are assigned to every family are based on the families' sizes and their needs. Iridescents with mental illnesses are taken care of based on their situations and needs.


Iridescents go to educational institutions to learn life skills and to enhance their natural abilities and skills until they master them (no matter their age). They can then choose to go into a higher-level institution to further their education. Based on our skills we are given choices of jobs that we can pick from.

Our rules are very simple and can be easily followed:

  1. One cannot intentionally harm/intend to harm another Iridescent.
  2. One must complete their elementary education before requesting a job placement.
  3. One must always be respectful of others, their beliefs and opinions, and their appearance.
  4. Elections for a new leader are held every 4-5 years.
  5. Candidates are not allowed to self promote.
  6. Once a new leader is elected they must take an oath to serve, protect and preserve the unity, peace, and equality of our nation.
  7. At the end of each term the same candidate cannot be chosen. The leader should step down and help the newly elected leader to take their place in a transition period that varies in length.
  8. New leaders are encouraged not to stop the progress and accomplishments of the previous leaders, but to build up on them.
  9. Candidates are not allowed to vote.
  10. No one is allowed to Change these laws without a consensus that results in a vote with a clear majority (51% or more in agreement).


The basis of our activities relies on the foundation of our land, which is celebrating differences, unity, and not harming others. Activities that will be a large part of our community:

  • Dancing, where different communities will gather every week and dance with loud music.
  • Festivals, different festivals based on different religions and cultures that exist within different communities, as well as a festival of our land which would celebrate colour, and light to represent the land.
  • Art, including paintings, galleries, and music, will be a large part of the land, everyone will either pursue, or celebrate these.
  • Kite flying, one of the major activities that will take place in the land especially among children.
  • Sports, to promote wellbeing, healthy competition, and teamwork, competitions for different sports will be held everyday.


  • All religions that exist within all communities will be accepted, and all religions are allowed to be practiced so long as the practice allows the following of the rules and regulations.
  • Iridescents can’t use beliefs to justify segregation or discrimination against certain groups.


  • Acceptance and Respect for others is heavily promoted
  • No gossiping
  • Equality, no one is better than another
  • Consent
  • Tolerance, coexist with people and things you do not like
  • Unity, everyone works together