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5ive For Friday

After a one week break we are ready to finish up the year. This one is packed full of information. Have a great weekend!

1. Gaya Kumar- while our favorite librarian is headed for greener pastures at Nelson Middle School we decided to go over a few things about what makes her tick.

-Say something in Spanish right now!

-Tour guide?

-Not 3 but 4


-The government forces you to do what? Why?

-The British influence

-Chennai/Mumbai/Scranton, PA/Fremont, CA/Frisco, TX

-Was school easy?


-Always a teacher

-The Lorax

-20 Year Old Self

-The good ol' days

-Expectations for her kids when they act like a silly goose

-Drama Queen?

-Respect and faith

-Love One Another


Next week we feature Sara Bagby who tried to get out of this but it isn't happening.

2. Changes/Hires:

Kaitlyn Skinner will be rejoining us next year as a Kindergarten teacher.

Thi Le will be coming over from Shawnee Trail to be our new Librarian.

Lisa Doan will be joining the Kindergarten team. She is a graduate of TWU and played soccer in college. She completed her student-teaching at Robertson Elementary. Oh and yes there is a family connection to our own Bethany Doan.

Sydney Ross will be joining our 2nd Grade team. She graduates from Texas State this month.

Dawn Wertz will be joining our 3rd Grade team. She is joining us from Lewisville ISD.

Megan Landphair has decide to stay home with sweet Noah.

Lexi Nelson is going to Bledsoe as their IC

Gina Bustamante is going to be the PE Coach at Christie

and of course Mrs. Sweatt is retiring.

3. Shout Out: of course Donna Hickman getting us through another year of STAAR testing!

Tyra Damm and all the Hosp staff that supported Tyra with Head For A Cure Race last weekend.

4. Listen To: the Tim Ferriss interview with Mike Rowe. If you don't tell your Dads/ husbands/ Brothers to do so. The stories he tells are remarkable (PG-13) and so entertaining. He is so much more than the Dirty Jobs guy and his stories from his days at QVC are hilarious. Funny tidbit QVC fired and rehired him 3 times in 3 years for making fun of the products he was selling. Oh and he can sing and dance and has performed on Broadway. All that and he serves as the Pitchman for Ford.

5. What I am reading: In our never ending attempt to find the perfect team leader book I am now reading, Drive, by Daniel PInk. It is all about motivation and what motivates us is not always a reward but rather the challenge. Interesting read so far!

All About Gaya


New Staff/Shoutout