Pride of the Tribe

SHS Staff Week of March 23, 2020


It is IMPORTANT to maintain high levels of expectation for both students and ourselves as we transfer into the distance learning platform. Challenge yourself to think outside the box in how you deliver instruction. Take a risk in providing more than just worksheets. Interact with your students, give feedback, and continue building relationships. We have the opportunity to make a huge impact on how we are perceived as educators and how we conduct ourselves through this process will speak volumes to our parents and the community.

Good Luck With This Venture And Know I Am Here For You!

Social Media

Please consider limiting personal posts on social media during school hours. Perception is reality and we want our students and parents to know how serious we are about their child's education.

eLearning Etiquette

If you choose to conduct virtual meetings with students or provide video lectures remember the following etiquette:

  1. Set rules for participation
  2. Be overly aware of your background when conducting virtual sessions or creating videos
  3. Your dress needs to be appropriate and professional as well as the background scene
  4. If you would not display things in your classroom setting they should not be displayed in the background of a video


  • Communication Log - OVER DOCUMENT per Dr. Hunter

  • Teacher Office Hours 9-11, 2-3
    • Available via email, SchoolStatus, Google Meets
    • Contact made weekly about student progress concerns

Make sure you are returning emails in a timely manner. If you receive an email outside your "office hours" you are still expected to take care of it.

Ask your parents to subscribe to your webpages. Subscribing will allow parents to know when an update has been made and allow you to email them through it.

  • Teacher Webpage
    • Posted office hours and contact information
    • Posted weekly assignment summary including the objective by Fridays @ 1:00 PM
    • Lesson Structure
      • Core subjects (30 minutes per class/per day including lesson and activity)
      • Electives (15 minutes per day or 1 hour per week)
      • AP/Dual Credit (Continue normal instruction)

Please Post The Objective On Lesson Plans

OREO: Objective - Responsibility - Expectation - Organization

For online learning to be successful think about doing the following:
  • Less is More
  • Give explicit instructions
  • Specify expectations
  • Be empathetic
  • Communicate consistently
  • Be online for "office hours"
  • Seek student feedback
  • Boost learning retention
  • Identify lesson objectives

Special Services

  1. Please continue to fill out the teacher ARD forms as they come to you.
  2. You may be called to participate in an ARD via phone conference
  3. Students who receive an altered format of materials MUST have it pushed out to Canvas individually. This will ensure confidentiality.
  4. Please work with your inclusion teacher (Tisdale, Lewis, Harrison, Mathe, Sperry) to help make sure students get all they need.
  5. If you typically have support from a paraprofessional, Carly Sperry will take on all of those at this time. Please let her know what you need. Carly will be sending out a message to every student served to provide her contact via her webpage and Band App. If you need to share that with students, please do so.

Inclusion Teachers

  • Inclusion teachers are still a point of contact for students serviced in classes.
  • Inclusion teachers should continue planning with the general education teacher.
  • Make contact with students served for each course and let them know you are a contact for them.


Counselors will be available by email during the hours of 9-11, 2-3.

Nurse Gregory will be available by email during the hours of 9-11, 2-3.

Librarian will be available by email during the hours of 9-11, 2-3.

Business Services

Please contact Nicki Nelson,, or Renee Faulkner,, for services such as transcripts and Verification of Enrollment (VOE) forms.

Messages left for Sanger High School will be checked daily.

Technology Resources

Connect with your 3rd Period Class By Friday, March 20th!

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It's a great day to be a Sanger Indian!

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