State Government Project

By: Stephen Williams

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Matt Rinaldi

My local state representative

· Precinct 2806 represented by Matt Rinaldi

· State House of Representatives District 115

· Ranked #1 Conservative in Texas House by Rice University Study

· Republican

· Representative Rinaldi is a lawyer and attended James Madison University and Boston University School of Law.

· He supports securing the borders, 2nd Amendment rights, pro-life and free markets.

· Representative Rinaldi sits on both the Committee on Business & Industry and the Committee on Agriculture & Livestock

· Authored or Joint Authored 28 Bills including getting rid of Red Light cameras, allowing for people to record police in public. He coauthored 52 bills including supporting open carry of guns and prolife.


· 100% of the Coppell ISD is within District 115 and the population of Coppell ISD is 44,419 with 13,993 people under the age of 18.

· 66.3% or 117,443 people are between 18 to 64 in District 115

· 46.1% or 54,052 people have a associates degree or higher

· Only 26.7% of the state has a Bachelor’s degree or higher

· The districts highest occupations are professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management with 17.9% of the district population

· The state’s highest occupation is Educational services, health care and social assistance with 21.7% of the population. Educational services and health care and social assistance are District 115's next highest occupations at 15.8%.

What Agency do you want to work for?

· Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)

· Create and innovate in the area of cancer research and in enhancing the potential for a medical or scientific breakthrough in the prevention of cancer and cures for cancer.

· Expand research capabilities of public or private institutions of higher education and other public or private research. Conducting research will help create new, high-quality jobs in our state. This will help promote a better economy as well as better health for the people of out state and country.

Jobs needed for this agency:

· Develop and implement the Texas Cancer Plan.

· Make grants to help research causes and cures for cancer.

· Make grants to improve facilities and hospitals for cancer research.

· Help implement the Texas Cancer Plan for cancer prevention in our state.