What to expect...!

Seana Young

The 3 Trimesters to your pregnancy

* During the first trimester of your pregnacy you will have mood swings, maybe one day you will be sad then the next you will be happy. You may need to pee more than usual. You also may get heartburns. Eating might start to feel like a chore. Around the 7th week your uterus has doubled in sized, your breasts also will start to make colostrum.

Around 13 weeks of your first trimester your baby will start to form finger prints. Its veins and organs are clearly visible, also the body will start to catch up with its head.

*During the 2nd trimester your blood pressure will be lower then usual. you wont be that big yet. The top of your uterus has risen above your belly button and now is the size of a soccerball. You'll begin to have acne. You will feel like your hair is growing thicker and longer then ever, this is because the hair that usually sheads will start to stick way longer then normal because of the hormonal changes. Your baby's tates buds and lungs are developing at this time. She is also starting to grow some hair and mor baby fat. Her skin is also starting to smooth out.

*During the 3rd trimester you wil be gaining a pound a week, roughly half of that will go to the baby. Your uterus is pushing up near your diaphram and crowding your stomach causing shortness of breath and heart burn. You are bigger then ever and will be expecting soon. Your baby will be flexing its arms and legs more often and regular now, you will start to see a daily pattern. Her eybrows are starting to form also. And if it's a girl her vagina has begun to form.She is also begining to form fingernails and toenails.

*If you do not experience theses things to not be worried, your lucky! These facts are just to give a generalization.*

Advice for Dad!

Dad at this time your wife is probably an emotional wreck. Just go withe the flow things will be over soon. In the mean time your should attend to her needs. And give her support. Rub her feet and get her food. Also thell her how pretty she is because right know she probably dosent feel it. Just be there for her and dont get on her bad side and everything will be ok.