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February 2020

Parent Newsletter February 2020

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Teacher & Librarian Collaboration = Student Success!

AnHS is now one of the top 20 high schools in CA for Gale Database usage. This means that our students are not only learning how to access and use the databases, but they are using them often. This also means that they will be more prepared for finding information in college, career, and life. Thank you to all of the teachers who continue to collaborate with me and support our students in becoming information literate. Check out our stats below. In one year, the number of sessions increased by 190.68%, searches by 125.26%, and retrievals by 103.11%.
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Speed Dating Puts Student Choice Front and Center!

Thank you to all of the English classes who came down to the Library during the month of January and provided their students the opportunity to self-select their own books. "When students self-select books to read, they have opportunities to read what interests them, what they care about, and at the same time, they discover what kinds of books they enjoy" (Robb, 2018). Last month we checked out 556 personal choice books! This is up from 356 last year during the same time period. That is a 56.2% increase! Thank you for your help in promoting a reading culture on campus.
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Mental Health and Wellness eBooks are helping students cope!

Cameron's Collection usage is on the rise and providing students with great resources. Just at AnHS, 263 eBooks have been checked out since May of last year. These numbers place us in the top usage ranks compared to other CA high schools.

The most checked out titles cover topics on sleep, stress, mental health, and eating disorders. We are looking to add some new titles covering some additional topics, like social media anxiety, homelessness, and LGBTQ, adoptive, multiracial, and foster famililes, since many of our students deal with them on a daily basis.

Students can scan the QR code ( and use the password, titans, to access the eBooks, or they can access them through the Library webpage. Thank you for promoting these important resources!

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Students to Receive Sac Library ecards!

Students who were enrolled in English last term will be receiving their Sacramento Public Library ecards during the week of February 11-14th. Each ecard will have instructions attached as shown above. Students who are enrolled in English this term will be receiving their ecards later this term. These ecards allow students to access all of the digital materials offered by the SPL for free, 24/7. This means audiobooks, eBooks, movies, databases, homework help, and more. Thank you for making sure your 2nd period students receive them.

Curriculum Corner

Current Events Resources

Many of our students participate in current events assignments, so we want to make sure that they are accessing articles from trustworthy websites. There are many web resources, but did you know that our own Gale Database and OPAC offer trustworthy news articles as well?

Click here for instructions on how to access articles from The New York Times and other reputable news organizations by filtering for Publication Title on Gale. Students can even search within the New York Times results to find an article on a topic of their choice.

Click here for instructions on how to access articles from WebPath Express in our Online Public Access Catalog.

Black History Month Resources

  1. Census Data to spark conversation
  2. Little known facts from PBS
  3. A Code Switch Playlist For Black History Month

  4. National Museum of African American History & Culture

  5. Ted Talks for Black History Month

  6. National Park Service

Instructional Tech Tips of the Month

Dataset Search from Google is out of Beta Testing Mode!

Are your students conducting independent research? Do your students need evidence to back up a claim? Do you want your students to present statistics for a local or global issue? Do you need your students to easily access all types of datasets? They can now use Dataset Search from Google and search any topic they require evidence for.

This is awesome because good data is often hard to come by! What a great way to incorporate some information literacy skills into your curriculum and show students the importance of evidence.

New Google Sheets Pie Chart Options

Break out a single value within a pie chart in Google Sheets. Click here for a demonstration.

Sharing Google Slides Just Became Easier

Want to only share certain slides from your slide deck? Want to share your entire slide deck but not the speaker notes? Google now lets you select these options when copying a presentation. Click here for a demonstration.

SAMR Student Choice Matrix

Use this resource to move students from traditional pen and paper assignments to assignments that incorporate technology and student choice for higher level thinking engagement. The app itself is not the most important. The most important is how the students use the app. Click here to access classroom resources.

Other resources you might be interested in....

  1. Stop, Think, & Breathe for Mindfulness in the classroom
  2. Picture in Picture Google extension - watch videos in a floating window and interact with other apps or sites simultaneously

Library Resources

Curated Tech Tools

Check out the Library Webpage or Symbaloo for a collection of favorite technology applications in the classroom. From presentations to organization, videos to comics, photos to avatars, the opportunities are limitless for you and your students.


Do your students need a vetted source for a school project or paper? They can access, on campus or from home, a variety of quality and credible sources right on the AnHS Library Webpage. All logins are now available on one document.


Find current articles in English or Spanish by visiting the Sacramento Bee News in Education website. Log in as a student using the AnHS Class ID lewis and password 2843 found on our Library website under electronic resources. Once you log in as a student select "Read Today's Paper" to choose The Sacramento Bee or El Nuevo Herald. You can also access many other student resources on their website for use in your classroom.

How-to at the AnHS Library

Access student help tutorials for database and Internet searching suggestions or for how to use specific apps, etexts, and our online library catalog. Instructions on accessing current events articles from Gale and WebPath Express are also included.


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