The Protestant Reformation

By: Pamela Chicas-Sura

What was the change?

The change of The Protestant Reformation was before the Catholic Church, when Martin Luther pointed out the Church's problems. Therefore the change of The Reformation was the basic beliefs of the religion. Luther created 95 theses, and posted the list on the front door of the castle church. Additionally, it made a whole new branch of people protesting against the Catholic Church. With these protesters, they are Protestants.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the Change impact society at the time?

Change of short term effects

The short term affects that was impacted by the change, were how Catholics were changing into Protestants for knowing the true meanings of the bible and from the problems caused by The Catholic Church. Furthermore, Martin Luther made a religious group called Lutherans, which believe in Luther's teachings. Also, the publishing of Institutes of the Christian Religion, this book summarized of Protestant theology creating more Protestants for reading this book and to understand the true meaning of what they should believe.

The picture on the right displays the Lutheran symbol.

How is that change seen in today's modern society?

Today in modern society, there are still Protestants who are against the Catholic Church or Catholicism, simultaneously; there is still tension between the two. Lutherans are still with their own belief today, as well. The printing press got more advanced throughout time, and today the machine is called a printer. Furthermore, today The Bible is translated to many different types of languages so that everyone can understand the book.