Hello Parents!

Welcome to 10th Grade World History

A little about myself!

I am a proud Houston native and Cy-falls HS alumni. I graduated with a history degree from the University of St. Thomas. Later I received a Masters in Curriculum and instruction from the University of Houston. My deep appreciation for different people, cultures and religions is what led me to study history. I truly believe history plays an important role in our everyday lives and that we can learn and grow from the stories of yesteryears. Besides for my deep love and appreciation of history I have a love for baseball, more specifically the Houston Astros!

What you and your child can expect this year

The primary objective is to prepare students to have the necessary skills for 11th grade and beyond. We will focus on academic skills such as writing, time management and inter-personal communication skills. Small and large group discussions are a daily part of classroom learning. So participation and engagement is greatly encouraged. We will regularly practice writing skills and learn how to build a better research paper. In-class "research" essays, participation, tests and projects make up a majority of your child's grade.

We have a lot to cover in World History and often have to move very quickly to cover all the material. Therefore if you feel your child is struggling please encourage them to see me for tutoring or email me so that I may assist them better in class. Throughout this course I hope to help your child:

  • Demonstrate and strengthen their ability to write formal essays/research papers.
  • Seek out creative ways to assess groups and cultures throughout history
  • Compare, contrast, synthesize and analyze information
  • Exercise critical thinking and communication skills through formal and informal discussions

This year we will cover...

Text books will be provided but I do ask that your child come to class prepared with paper and a pencil everyday. We will be using a lot of colored pencils and glue for our geography section so any donated materials are greatly appreciated.

Homework, Tests and Research Papers

  • Homework assignments must be completed by the scheduled due date unless noted otherwise. Late assignments are always accepted BUT with 5 point deduction after the first day.
  • There will be an exam at the end of each unit. I will send your child home with packets at the start of each unit that we will gradually fill out throughout the unit. This will act as the main "study guide" however I will offer tutoring weekly and online collaborations once a week.
  • We will have two research papers due by end of each semester. Your child will pick a topic within the first 6 weeks of each semester and we will have various checkpoints throughout the semester.

Extra Credit!

I do offer extra credit throughout the year in various forms:

  • Professional dress day- Dress like a professional on test days for 2 points added to the test.
  • So you think you can teach?- Think of a new way to teach lesson to classmates 5 points for written plan, 10 points if actually taught and presented. (points added to current lowest grade)
  • Research day!- Present your research paper in front of the class with a Q&A session. Possible 10 points added to research paper.

If you have any educational extra credit suggestions that you think your child would be interested in participating in please email me! I love suggestions and want to give each of my students an opportunity to excel and have fun while learning!

Dear Ms. Zarate...

I am available by phone until 8:00pm Monday-Friday but always available by email. I also will have a parent post on my blog that is open to any and all questions that may pop up throughout the year. I want each of my students to succeed and reach their academic potential so please feel free to contact me about any of your students needs.

Heres to a great year ahead of us! GO EAGLES!