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Mrs. Komorowski and I would like to welcome you to a new school year! Whether you have a returning student or a new one, we are extremely excited to have you at Bayville School. Please read through this Newsletter as it will address many of the questions you may have. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to me at or Mrs. Komorowski at

We will present additional information at Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 20.

We again thank you for your cooperation and support throughout this process and wish you a wonderful school year!

Parent Portal

The parent portal will continue to be an essential connection between home and school. Parents have access to their children's report cards, progress reports, teacher's homepage, lunch account, and a variety of pertinent information via the parent portal. Parents can log onto the portal by clicking on Having access to the portal allows parents to keep all important school information up to date. Please check your information and make any necessary changes. It is the parents' responsibility to keep this information current.

Please fill out the following forms in the Parent Portal:

  • Free/Reduced Lunch
  • Press Release
  • School Insurance
  • Questions
  • Transportation
  • Link Multiple Students
  • Update Emergency Contacts

Berkeley Police Officer

During the 2023-2024 school year, you will continue to see an active Berkeley Township Police Officer on duty daily as school security remains a top priority of all our schools. A huge thank you to the Berkeley Township Police Department for their constant support.

Back to School Night will be held on Wednesday, September 20th

More information regarding Back to School Night will be forthcoming.

Medications In School

All medications, prescribed or over-the-counter, must be brought to the school by a parent in the original labeled bottle or container. All medication need written and signed order from a physician.

Please contact the school nurse, Mrs. Reece, with any questions at (732) 269-1300 (ext. 4005).

Absence Reporting

The Berkeley Township School District has an automated calling system for absences. A phone call will be automatically placed to the home of any student who is absent from school whether the child's absence was called in or not. We do ask that you continue to follow our school's procedure(s) for calling in an absence and continue to send in absence notes and/or doctor notes to assure that the absence is recorded correctly. Attendance will be taken when students are physically in the school building as well as on hybrid days when they are working from home. A 24 hour voicemail absence reporting line may be reached at (732) 269-1300 (press 1).

Transportation Requests

Due to vehicle capacity and safety considerations children are unable to take a bus other than their assigned bus home. Permanent bus changes require filling out a form that allows forty-eight hour notification to the Transportation Office prior to the change. Please note that most buses are running at capacity and will not be able to accommodate extra students on the bus.

Material/Student Item Drop Off

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of our school community, visitors will not be granted access to our building. Should you need to drop off something for your child, please utilize the box that will be placed in the vestibule with your child's name and teacher clearly displayed.

Arrival and Dismissal

Throughout arrival and dismissal, our front parking lot will be inaccessible. Although this is an inconvenience, we do this as a safety measure for our students and staff. We appreciate your understanding.

Only students and staff will be permitted in the school building. If you need to talk to the secretaries, please let one of our staff members know and we will direct you accordingly.

We will have staff members stationed throughout to help direct students to their classrooms. If at any time you or your child has a question, do not be afraid to ask one of us.

School Hours: 8:40-3:05

2 Hour Delay: 10:40-3:05

4 Hour Day: 8:40-12:40


During arrival, all buses and vans will be in the front parking lot of the school. We will start bringing the kindergarten and preschool students in at approximately 8:35. The rest of the school will start filtering in at 8:40.

Curbside Drop Off: Parents can drop their children off on Cranmer Road. During this drop-off procedure, parents do not get out of the car, and students are able to walk up to the school by themselves. Please do not drop off until 8:35. All preschool and kindergarten students will be escorted to the school.

Parking Drop Off: If you want to walk your child up to the school, please park on Pine Tree Road and use the crosswalk to get to school. There is a crossing guard stationed at this intersection to ensure everyone's safety.


If you are picking up your preschool or kindergarten student, your child will need to be signed out at the end of every day. If you plan on picking them up daily and do not want them taking the bus to or from school, you can waive transportation entirely (see post below), and notify the main office and the classroom teacher of your plan to pick up every day.

If you want your child to take the bus to school, but you will pick them up at the end of every day, please notify the main office and the classroom teacher. However, you do not need to fill out a transportation waiver.

If your child traditionally takes the bus home, but you need to pick them up from school on a specific day, please notify the main office and the classroom teacher by 12pm.

Kindergarten Pick-Up: All kindergarten students and their siblings will be picked up at Door #3 at the back of Bayville School.

Preschool Pick-Up: All preschool students and their siblings will be picked up at Door #9 at the back of Bayville School.

Grade 1-4 Pick-Up: If you are picking up your student(s) not in preschool or kindergarten, you do so at the front of Bayville School.

Waiving Transportation

If you do not wish for your child to take the bus to or from school, please fill out this transportation waiver. This will let us know that you will pick up your child at the end of every day. If you waive transportation and have a child that is in preschool or kindergarten, you will pick all of your children up in the back of the school by Door #9. If you do not have a child in preschool or kindergarten, you can pull alongside of Cranmer road and your child will walk to your car.


This year, we are asking parents in grades K-4 to send in headphones or earbuds for their child. These must be wired (not wireless) and include a microphone. They will remain in school throughout the year. We appreciate your support and understanding!

School Remind

Remind is an App that allows us to send text messages and push notifications to inform you of school events. This is where we will send reminders about upcoming events, spirit days, etc. There are 2 ways to sign up for the Bayville School Remind:

  • Go to the app and type the class code: @bayville23
  • Send a text to 81010 and type this message: @bayville 23

Breakfast & Lunch

School breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase this year. Breakfast will be $2.00 and lunch will be $3.30. Please fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch form on the Parent Portal to determine if you qualify. The school lunch menu can be found monthly here, please remember that due to supply issues the menu may need to change occasionally.

If your child does not plan to purchase lunch, please send a packed lunch daily along with a classroom snack.


We are so fortunate to have an amazing PTA at Bayville School! You can become a member of the PTA by clicking here. Our first PTA meeting will be Tuesday, September 12 at 7pm in the Bayville School APR.

Stay up-to-date on all of the Bayville School PTA by following them on Facebook: Bayville School PTA Facebook Page

Important Dates for September

September 5: First day of school

September 8: Spirit Day: Wear Gold/Yellow (Childhood Cancer Awareness)

September 11: NWEA/Link It Assessment window opens (Grades 1-4)

September 11: Spirt Day: Wear Red, White, and Blue

September 12: PTA Meeting

September 20: Back to School Night

September 26: Board of Education Meeting at BTES at 7:00pm

September 29: Spirit Day: Bayville School Colors

October 2: Wear Grade Level Colors (Preschool: Yellow / K: Green / 1st: Blue / 2nd Purple / 3rd: Orange / 4th: Red)