School testing

Is school testing worth the time

controversial issue

School testing has a large debate for wether it is important or just a waste of time. School testing can be good to find a students level of intelligence and can also see what a student has learned. The down side of testing is that students may do the test and forget about what they just learned, tests are not the best evidence of performance.

My point of view

I think that in some situations that testing would be good for finding a students level of education and giving them harder challenges to progress students based on their level of education.But I also think that it is not the most accurate way of finding a students level of intelligence. Therefore school testing may and may not be the best use of time.

pros of school testing

A pro of school testing is being able to know what a students level of education and be able to progress the student based on his/her intelligence. quotes "standardized testing gives teachers guidance to help them determine what to teach students and when to teach it." school testing also helps to see what the teacher is teaching Columbia also quotes "Standardized testing holds teachers accountable." Therefore school testing can be good for some reasons.

cons of school testing

School testing has more pros than cons to school testing. But a con of school testing is that it is not the most accurate way of find a students intelligence. supports this by quoting "Standardized testing is not the most accurate way of finding a students level of education." Also testing is stressful for both etchers and students teaching also supports this statement by stating "Testing can create a lot of stress on both students and teachers.
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School testing is a two sided issue there are bad things about school testing and good things about school testing. To summarize the good side, I say that school testing still has a debate because testing is a way of finding a students level of education. school testing also is not very accurate and is stressful. School testing is still going to be in schools because there are good things that go along with the bad things.

my research

My research time was vague but i did find many different things about school testing. For example school testing is stressful and i have read many different sites that support this. I also found that when students that do poorly on a test the teacher is held accountable. I think that if a student does poorly it either depends on the teacher's teaching or the students participation.

My new point of view

I still think my point of view is the same from my research due to that testing can find a students level of education and be able to know what to teach and when to teach it. My point of view has slightly changed though, I also think that school testing is stressful and for some students stress holds back their performance. I am personally not very nervous before tests because most of the time i feel that i know what i have been taught.