Cameron Sellers

Ceramics 1


I created this project because I think that owls are fascinating, and really cool animals. While I was in the process of creating this peice I had trouble creating the cylinder for the cup out of slab, not only was it difficult to through the slab, but it was also difficult to keep it lined up with the base to where it wouldn't cave in. Another issue I had was to round the bottom of the cup before I attached it to the bottom base, I had to use a ruler to gradually get the cup into the shape I wanted it to be. If I could change anything in this project I would love for the cup to be more colorful and I would reattach the feather on her head that broke off in the kiln.


When I began this peice I wanted it to look completely different than what it ended up looking like, some faults in my design made me change it over the time I took to create it. At first I wanted to make this peice look as if every layer was turned a bit to make it look like a spiral. Something I had trouble with in the beggining was rolling coils and making them look similar to the one before it. After I got about half way through my project I noticed that it was getting smaller as I put the coils on, I restarted my peice, but it continued to get smaller as the coils went up, so I changed the design to look like a rotating pyramid, the height minimum was 6 inches and once I got to the top of my peice it was only 5 so I added a base and made it a torch lit on fire. If I could change anything about this peice I would want to change the base and make the base straight instead of a spiral like the rest of the peice and add more color to make the colors look blended and more realistic

Art critique of 'John Deweese Pottery'

This peice seems to be made out of metal, the cup itself is smaller on the bottom then bigger then smaller again, the top flares out and has what looks like to be a very intracite handle. The peice seems to have no symmetry, and this peice has lines down the side that make the peice look old. The handle goes up very tall, almost doubling the height of the peice and twists and turns and dosent look like anything specific. This peice of art looks modern, and I think the artist was in a point in their life where things were confusing since this peice is so confusing itself. I think that this peice of art was okay and that, In my opinion, It is a good peice of art, although It is hard to read, it is very interesting to look at and very simple with the cup and intracite with the handle, its a good balance.

Art Critique of Emma Marie Caldwalder-Guild Sculpture 'Free'

This sculpture it a man bound at the hands, in nothing but his underwear, looking down in either ehxaustion or shame. This peice looks to be made of wood, the man is very muscular and is standing on a block, he is leaning on something behind him. The peice emphasizes his hands being bound and his head due to the shadowing beneath his face. The color of the sculpture itself is brown, and in some places the light glistens off of the wood. I think that this artist is symbolizing slavery of blacks, the sculpture is symbolizing the want to be free and the pain that was caused in the slaves by their owners, instead of naming the sculpture "trapped" she named it "free" because of their desire to be free intead of slaved. I think this peice of art is succesful, it says alot about the artist and her motives. The sculpture shows how the artist was against slavery of blacks and she showed that through her art.