Learn 360 - Playlists

Creating and Sharing Playlists

Why should I use Learn 360?

OPS provides access to Learn 360 for all teachers. Make a deeper connection to curriculum with the ability to stream or download high quality videos, video clips, audio files, images, vocabulary resources, interactive activities, speeches, and newsreels for the K-12 classroom. You can access the content without an account, but when you create an account you can create playlists for easy access to all of your selected media. See the steps below to get started creating Playlists or click HERE to access a video!

1. Login to Your Learn 360 Account

2. Adding media to a playlist

Create playlists to organize your media for future use.
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3. Finding your playlists and other saved content.

To access playlists already created, click on "Menu" and choose "My Learn360". Other options to organize your Learn 360 material are also located here.
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4. Editing Playlists

Playlists can be edited, shared, or deleted from "My Playlists".

Playlists can be made searchable for others in the district to discover and use. Choose the Playlist to be accessible to others. Click next to "Bulk Actions" and choose "Add to Search". Playlists will be marked as Searchable.
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