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We hope you have had a wonderful Winter Break! We have had a fabulous transition into our new facility over the past two weeks. However, as we all know, anytime there is change there will always be adjustments. In this newsletter, you will find many important announcements and updates on our new facility and expectations. It would be a good idea to review this newsletter with your student to ensure everyone has the essential information needed for success here at DBE. Feel free to email: shensley@k12k.com with any questions.

Important Announcements Quick Review

  • On Tuesday, January 17th ALL students will attend and return to a normal schedule. *KCS is closed on Monday, January 16th in honor of MLK Day.
  • School starts promptly at 7:45. *Students are expected to be in their Morning Meeting location at 7:45am
  • All students need to turn in their Biometric Scan form. *Students will use fingerprint to access the building. This form is essential.
  • Per the student handbook, students cannot have lunch delivered from an outside eating establishment for any reason.
  • Students are not permitted to wear hats or beanies in school OR have their hood up while wearing a sweatshirt/hoodie.
  • DBE students are required to bring their charged laptops, laptop chargers, and earbuds/headphones everyday.
  • Please review the update traffic flow and parking procedures below.
  • DBE will be hosting a ribbon cutting and open house on February 16th from 10am-1pm.

Student Expectations

  • Technology: DBE students are required to bring their charged laptops and chargers everyday. If a student forgets their laptop their parent/guardian will be called and asked to bring it to them. DBE is a blended learning school, which means student learning occurs online; therefore it's important for students to have their laptops. Students should also bring headphones or earbuds to use during online video instruction.
  • Dress Code: Students need to remember to follow the KCS dress code at all times. Students who violate the dress code will either be sent home, or a parent/guardian will need to bring them a change of clothes. Students are not allowed to bring blankets to school.
  • Professionalism: DBE is now in a building with medical, financial, education, and other professionals. DBE students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful, professional manner on the DBE campus and parking lot.
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Student Pick-up/Drop-off

Above you will find the approved route of traffic for student drop-off during both mornings and afternoons.

Parents and guardians are expected to follow the approved traffic flow which is indicated by the red arrows. Because DBE does share a parking lot with several other prestigious businesses in the community, it is essential that parents and guardians followed their approved route in order to ensure the safety of our students, teachers, and staff.

During mornings, parents and guardians will enter on to Roller Street from Center Street, and follow to the business district parking area on the right. Once they enter the parking area, they will follow to the student drop-off point which is indicated by the orange circle. Finally, they will exit right towards Press Street. From Press Street, they may exit left.

During afternoons, parents and guardians will enter on to Roller Street from Center Street and follow the line of traffic to the business district parking area on the right. Parents and guardians may not enter the parking lot area until the bus has exited safely with students. If the bus has not arrived, the Parent Pick-up will form on Roller Street starting at the entrance of the parking area. Once the bus has exited, parents may begin pick up. The bus will arrive approximately at 2:30pm.

Due to inclement weather, the DBE student and faculty parking lot is currently under construction. For now, students will park in our temporary student lot, which is located to the left of the Roller Street entrance from Center Street. Once the DBE parking lot is complete, students will be required to have a student parking permit to park in the DBE lot. Any student who will need a permit can fill out the google form found in this newsletter.

Biometric Scan Forms

D-B EXCEL utilizes biometric technology to enhance the security of our campus. Prior to this implementation, several locations around campus were open/unsecure during school hours to accommodate student access. The biometric system has allowed us to secure these locations during the school day, while still providing your child access to these areas.

If you have not turned your form in, please print and fill out the form then return it to DBE. You can access the form by clicking here.

Furniture Delivery!

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the remaining furniture for the new facility. We are excited to report that the remaining furniture will start to be delivered and installed next week!

D-B EXCEL Open House

Thursday, Feb. 16th, 10am-1pm

400 Clinchfield Street

Kingsport, TN

D-B EXCEL will be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house for our new facility on Thursday, February 16th. Everyone is welcome to attend as we celebrate our new facility!
10-10:30am : Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
10:30am - 1pm : Student led tours to see the amazing work occurring at DBE

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Sample Student Schedule

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