Sports Mindset Coaching

With strengths mindset coaches Nicole Feledy & Danny Crouch

Players and Parents

Heading into the 2nd half of the season we want to continue our success and ensure we don't get complacent. With the demand on our elite players physically, mentally and emotionally we are taking proactive steps to bring some experts in to discuss options to help you the parents, the players and coaching staff.

Performance coaching

On Tuesday 4th July we have strengths mindset coaches Nicole Feledy and Danny Crouch coming to our clubhouse to discuss performance coaching. They will address methods and strategies for players and families to implement on the field, in studies, and at home. Nicole and Danny work with elite athletes to overcome and avoid depression, anxiety and stress - all symptoms we want our teenage boys NOT to face.


The presentation will run for around 45 minutes for parents and players (Parents must be present). There will be two time slots - 4.00 pm and 7.00 pm with only 20 player spots each, both parents are welcome to attend.

Attending players will be given the opportunity later that week to participate in a mindset workshop to develop their individual thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. These programs are designed to enhance self-efficacy, emotional intelligence and communication to maximise their performance both on and off the field.


These strategies have successfully been trialed and tested in the US and we believe this is a great opportunity for the wellbeing of all players within the Academy. Here is a short video displaying results of a successful ice hockey team who implemented strengths mindset coaching into their team.

Destination Unstoppable Book

If you have any questions...

Send them through to the Academy of Football Australia administration team at:

Looking forward to seeing you there.