Ten tips to survive the wild

By: Anthony Heiges during 5th period

Tip one

When ever you are going to go on a trip, make sure someone knows about it and other things. For example, make sure that person knows when you plan to get back, your phone number, and the route you are going.

Tip two

Make sure to bring a lighting utensil. Preferably one that can get wet. You need to have this so you can make a fire. Fires and helpful because they can keep you warm and calmer. Also, they make smoke so planes above can see you.

Tip three

Bring a large brightly colored garbage bag with a hole at the bottom. This is a good thing for you to sleep in because its water proof, you can breathe through it, and because its bright, over head passer byres might be able to spot you.

Tip four

A knife would be very important. Its good fight killing an animal for food, its good for skinning a dead animal, and you can carve wood if you get bored!

Tip five

A flashlight with spare batteries will also be very helpful if you want to explore during the night. However, DO NOT plan your survival around it.

Tip six

A G.P.S. would be extremely, EXTREMELY, helpful. However, once again, DO NOT base your plan around the G.P.S. I say this because batteries run out, and there isn't exactly a outlet in the wilderness

Tip seven

It sounds weird, put a really long kite would help. If you fly it, it would be much easier for plans to spot you.

Tip eight

A spool of string will also be very helpful. String has several uses such as keeping sticks together for a small fort.

Tip nine

Several pairs of socks is good. Why? You can get whats called 'trench foot' if you don't change socks when they get wet.

Tip ten

If you can bring a cell-phone, that would be AWESOME! Most likely you'll get saved a lot quicker. However, plan your survival as if you do not have a phone, because there might not be reception, or you might run out of power.