Woodland Elementary School

Elementary Updates for October 15

A Note from Mr. Wollberg

What a wonderful week at Elementary! The leaves are falling and so has the rain this past week. Please remember to send your children with jackets and hats as the weather turns colder and colder as we pass from summer to fall.

I am so excited for Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm where all our students and families are invited to our Family Music Night. Although this event is geared towards our 1st grade students and their learning standards in 1st grade I encourage all families to participate. It will be a wonderful evening and our staff has been diligently working to make this virtual event a huge success. Please see below for further details.

Also, as earlier communicated hot lunch lunches are on the October menu. Please review this with your child and also remember that lunches continue to be free this year.

Lastly, as mentioned in my last newsletter, we are focusing on being an Upstander in October. Last week I provided what an Upstander is and how our students can stand up to bullies. This week I want to focus on what our students should do if they see a bully:

  • Take action by telling the bully to stop

  • Take action by getting others to stand up with them to bully

  • Take action by helping the victim

  • Take action by shifting the focus and redirecting the bully away from the victim

  • Take action by telling an adult who can help

  • Stand with the victim and say something

  • DON’T take action, by NOT joining the bully

Thank you again for everyone's support for our school and we hope everyone has a great weekend!


Ryan Wollberg


1st Grade Elementary East and West Family Music Night

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Health Updates

Hello Parents, we have the common goal of keeping your child safe, healthy, and learning. Here are a few kind reminders of D50 COVID-19 Guidance in accordance with the Lake County Health Dept:

  • Please keep your child home for any of the following symptoms: fever 100.4 or higher, new onset of moderate to severe headache, shortness of breath, new cough, sore throat, vomiting diarrhea, new loss of sense of taste or smell, fatigue from unknown cause, muscle or body aches.

  • A nurse's approval and a copy of a negative test result (PCR or rapid antigen) is needed for your child to be able to return to school.

  • Your child needs to be 24 hours free of fever and 48 hours free of vomiting and diarrhea without the use of medication before returning to school.

  • Call the nurse for an approved return date if you do not receive a call 24 hours after submission of the test results M-F 7:20AM-2:55PM.

We are happy to help. Please contact us for questions.

Nurse Cabalfin and Nurse Punsalan

EE: eehealthoffice@dist50.net 847-984-8810

EW: ewhealthoffice@dist50.net 847-984-8910

Halloween Parties are Coming!

On Friday, October 29 all classrooms will be participating in Halloween parties. The focus on the parties will be on crafts and food is NOT permitted due to our current social distancing protocol. In order to help families prepare, we ask that families adhere to the following regarding costumes:

Children are NOT to wear their costumes to school; they will change before their party. Due to social distancing guidelines please only send costumes that students can put on on top of the clothes they are wearing. Students will not be able to change in the bathrooms this year as we are trying to limit the number of students congregating in the bathrooms. Please remember that only appropriate costumes will be permitted.

  • Face paint and costume masks are not allowed (face masks as per our current mask policy are still required)
  • “Pretend” weapons are not allowed
  • Any costumes that represent anything that would be considered inappropriate in an elementary school setting will not be permitted

October Breakfast Menu

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October Lunch Menu

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Weekend Food Program

Woodland Elementary school is once again partnering with the Northern Illinois Food Bank to provide support for families in need of assistance. Every other week the program will provide those students enrolled with pre-bagged, shelf-stable and nutritious food items. Items may include: shelf-stable milk, pasta, canned fruit, canned vegetables, cereal, tuna, beans, rice, and more! These items will be sent home with students.

If the Weekend Food Program could help your family, please let us know as soon as possible by filling out this confidential form (scan the QR code on the right ). A program coordinator will contact you with additional information prior to starting.

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Howell at khowell@dist50.net or 847-984-8871. Thank you very much!

Programa de Comida de fin de Semana

La escuela Woodland Elementary se está asociando una vez más con el Banco de Alimentos del Norte de Illinois para brindar apoyo a las familias que necesitan ayuda. Cada dos semanas, el programa proporcionará a los estudiantes inscritos alimentos nutritivos, estables y empaquetados previamente. Los artículos pueden incluir: leche, pasta, fruta enlatada, verduras enlatadas, cereales, atún, frijoles, arroz y más. Estos artículos se enviarán a casa con los estudiantes.

Si el Programa de Alimentos de Fin de Semana puede ayudar a su familia, háganoslo saber lo antes posible llenando este formulario confidencial (escanee el código QR a la izquierda). Un coordinador del programa se comunicará con usted con información adicional antes de comenzar.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con Katie Howell a khowell@dist50.net o al 847-989-8871. ¡Muchos gracias!

PTA News

Signature Chocolate Fundraiser - Order Forms were due back at school on Friday 10/15. Online sales will stay open through 10/18. If you forgot to bring your order form to school we can accept them on Monday 10/18. Thanks for your support!

WSRA Trunk or Treat - The PTA will be participating in the WSRA Trunk or Treat event on Sunday 10/24. There will be two separate sessions: 1:00-2:00pm or 2:30-3:30pm. There is a small $2 fee per trick or treater and registration is required to attend. See link for more info. https://woodland50pta.memberhub.com/sends/2fd0e4fb-8fd4-41b0-aad1-3b8ca3bca98e/view/

Drop Off/Pick Up Reminders

As we begin this year I wanted to share a couple quick reminders to help expedite our drop off and pick up experience at Elementary.

Drop Off in the Morning (starts at 7:25 and ends at 7:45):

  • Please consider having your child take the bus
  • If your child will be dropped off, please remain in your car at all times
  • If it is after 7:45, please park in Visitor spots and walk your child to their school's main office.

Pick Up Reminders:

  • We ask that parents who are picking up do not come until at least 2:05 as we have PE classes outside until that time and the earlier parents show up places a burden on these classes.
  • In the event you plan on picking up your child, please email your child's teacher or send in a written note as soon as possible so we are aware of the change. We will NOT allow them to go to pick up unless this comes directly from a parent/guardian.
  • In the pick up line, please do not block our transportation lot in the rear of the building so buses can come and go as necessary.
  • Please let transportation know of any address changes needed as these changes can take anywhere from 5-10 business days. Follow this link to complete the form.
  • If you would like to follow your child's bus in real time, consider downloading the Versatrans App found on the transportation website.
  • Please adhere to all signs and maintain a slow speed as to avoid any injuries to students or staff.

We truly appreciate your help in this matter and we thank you!

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COVID-19 Dashboard

With more students returning into the building we are hearing more and more questions about the relocation of classrooms and actual cases of Covid. Woodland created a COVID-19 Dashboard to help stakeholders understand the impact of this virus-specific to Woodland. Please check the dashboard daily to see case counts for students and staff. This is a live document and the data will be updated throughout the day as new cases are confirmed.

The COVID-19 dashboard provides a big picture view of COVID19 cases in our Woodland learning community. More specific information will be shared by us at Elementary or classroom level if your child was potentially impacted by a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.