"I paint what I dream, and I dream what I paint" Van Gogh

Main Ideas

Dates: Late 1800's-early 1900's
Never goes way, fades to post-impressionsim

Movement that focused on color and light. Used a technique known as "en plain aire" which referred to painting outside to get the full experience of the color and light. Works were brightly colored, used a painterly technique (meaning the brush strokes showed,) and were typically happy looking pieces. Impressionist art used mostly painting and drawing and focused on themes of portraits, landscapes, and still life's.

Important People and Locations

Vincent Van Gogh
Claude Monet
Auguste Renior
Edgar Degas

Began in France but spread throughout Europe. By the early 1900's it had spread to America.

Example of Art


Impressionism began as a result of artist wanting to make not perfect art. They wanted to show their own visions, not just what they were expected to do. "Art for art's sake."

Begins prior to WWI but after the franco-prussian war, this movement was an escape from the damages they had suffered.

Impressionism was rejected by society in it's beginning. It was often mocked and put down. It wasn't until a gallery featured impressionist in Paris France that people began to accept this movement. Many found it to be tasteless.

Vincent Van Gogh only sold 1 painting during his life time. He died penniless and depressed.