The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

John Boyne


Bruno finds out he is moving. He is moving for his dad's job. Bruno doesn't know what his dad does for a job. They are moving from Berlin to Out-with. Bruno realizes he has to say goodbye to Daniel, Karl, and Martin. He was very sad, because they had best friends there whole life. Gretel also had to say by to her best friends too.


Bruno really misses Berlin and tells dad that. Dad says that he can't do anything about it, it for the best. Bruno has to get used to it so he decides to explore. When he is exploring he meets a boy. He finds out the boy is his age, they discovered that they have the same birthday.

Last adventure

The past few weeks it has been raining in Out-With. Bruno is starting to get really bored and decides that he is going to read a book. Bruno starts reading the book and Gretel keeps bugging him so he is not able to read. Bruno decides he wants to take an adventure. He packs a bag with his belongings in it and so food and starts his adventure with Shmuel. Him and Shmuel decide to enter a dark room and they died. The soldiers and father searched a couple months later and all they found was Bruno's clothes and boots.

Main conflict-

Bruno didn't want to move and is in confusion about everything that is going on.