Ayn Rand

An amazing author!

Early Life and Schooling

Ayn Rand was born in St. Petersburg on February 2, 1905. As a young girl, she taught herself to read as well as the fundamentals of writing. When Rand graduated from high school in 1921, she went to Petrograd State University. Not long after graduating, she went to Leningrad State University to further her education.

Major Life Events and Personal Philosiphy

Ayn Rand had a life full of wondrous happenings. A major event that occurred in Ayn Rand's life is attending her first motion picture in 1913. This gave her insight on what she wanted to be; a writer. Another key event of Ayn Rand's life is when she published her first book, We the Living, in 1936. Ayn Rand's main philosophy was something she called "objectivism", which was about living on earth. In this, she describes tons of things that we should and should not do in our lives that will make the world a better place.

Ayn Rand's Books!

Ayn Rand has published 19 books in her career. Her most famous book, Atlas Shrugged, was very influential to other writers, and young philosophers at heart in the late 1950's. Most of Ayn Rand's books are focused around the topic of dystopian societies. A fan favorite, Anthem, was one of her career changing books that really encouraged her to write more. In conclusion, Ayn Rand was a very influential writer and philosopher in the late 19th century. Her works have inspired many and will continue to do the same down through the years.