Lodz Ghetto

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Overview of Holocaust

introduction to the holocaust

Its about Hitler murdering tons of Jews because they were different.

Hitler was a German dictator during the fall of Germanys fortune.

it was during world war II. he killed many Jews because they were not blond haired blue eyed and white.

Definition/Background Information

lodz ghetto

Lodz had the second largest Jewish population in prewar Poland, after Warsaw. The ghettos were basically a slave camp and prison for the Jews. When the Jews were at the camp they worked without eating much. they worked till they fell to the ground

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Original Research Question

why did the Nazis want to kill Jews? they didn't do nothing

Hitler and the Nazis enforced a doctrine of "purity." They believed that only white people (preferably with Nordic features), were the ideal, and that these "Aryans" were the 'pure race' of Germans. Hitler lashed out at anyone who did not conform to this image and the Nazi policy was to eliminate the impure races (he created the myth that the Jews were a race, as well as a religion). Hitler also was the enemy of anyone who was not "perfect"-- in addition to killing more than 6 million Jews, he also ordered the deaths of people with mental retardation, dwarfism, etc
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"the yellow badge was a kind of stamp. A stamp that distinguished me from the rest of the population. Anyone could approach me, tell me, do to me whatever they wanted"

Jutta Szmirgeld, age 12

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smoke and ashes the story of the holocaust by Barbara rogasky

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