A Christmas Carol Background

Connor Sherlock

Charles Dickens

Here are a few facts about Charles Dickens. Dickens was inspired by his family and close friends. Dickens wrote books to entertain people and to make them laugh. He wrote a lot about people he knew as a kid or the things he did as a kid.


The industrialization made work easier for people because the slaves had to o all the work instead of the people who needed the work done. And it started by people offering to pay people to do work for them but then they just bought the people and then they had to do what ever they wanted them to do.

Victorian Era

The Victorian Era is a period of time when the last house of Honor was queen who was Victoria. It started when Victoria was the last person from her family and was queen so everyone called it the Victorian Era.

Child Labor and Poverty during Victorian Age

Child labor started when people needed work done and they stated using there kids or someone elses kids to get the work done. And it ended when a law was made so that kids can not be used like they used to be but children can still be used to do work. I think people depended on child labor because they didn't want to do the work there selves .