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Stop child labour, and help children be free!

Why do People Treat Children Badly?

  • Children's right's aren't respected
  • Didn't bother to stop it/ or not enough to
  • There is no decent work for adults
  • The education system excludes poor and vulnerable children
  • International agreements and conventions are NOT observed

  • Can't afford to go to school or schools aren't near
  • Children do what they're told
  • Expected to work
  • They always have lots of work
  • They work because they're poor
  • Demanded to work
  • Education isn't valued and work is thought to be more useful
  • Work is thought to be more suitable to types of work

Full answer: People seem to make children work because children's rights weren't as respected as it is now. Even if there was some sort of way to stop child labour, no one bothered to. Also, usually adults seemed to have no decent work for them, and just thought it was more suitable for kids. Though, some reasons why is something where you don't really have a choice. Some or most children can't afford to go to school. So, they do what they're told to help their families out (If they're poor). Education for children wasn't valued before, so work seemed more useful. So basically, children worked really hard for reasons where they weren't respected, or they just need to help the family out.

Before I move onto my next inquiry question, here's a little tiny bit of a story.

Once before, a owner/parent asked if his younger brother is old enough to start working.

Why Does Free The Children Exist?

It all started when Craig Keilburg (owns organization Free The Children), took stage one night. He talked about how child labour was a problem. FTC (Free The Children) wasn't quite a popular organization as it is today. After he finished, his organization was awarded $5,000 for the purpose of building a rehabilitation centre for child laboures in countries like India. At the end of the evening, -where FTC had just intended to raise awareness-, where child labour did indeed exist. Craig keilburg raised $150,000 for that cause.

  • Want to help prevent child labour
  • Every year 22,000 children die from accidents related to their work WOW! They just want to prevent that
  • Some cases of child labour is out of hand, and it leads to slavery (partially)
  • Craig keilburg started the organization (Free The Children), to help the children who are poor, or are struggling through child labour

Full answer: It basically all started one night when Craig Keilburg (owns Free The Children organization), was talking about how child labour was a problem. Soon as he finished, he was awarded $5,000 to his organization. After that cause, his organization eventually grew popular. FTC is a orgainzation that wants to stop child labour, and help children who are poor. Lots of children die from child labour every year, FTC just wants to prevent that. To wrap it all up, Free The Children exists because it originally started with Craig Keilburg and a few joined together, but then more and more people teamed up to help set children free! Free The Children help children not suffer, from child labour, and help them out with their families. Like if they're poor, and hungry. FTC just wants to help children out, and their families.

Did you know?

The number of child laboures fell by 16 percent between 2000-2004?

Does it Affect the Child's Personality When Struggling Through Child Labour?

  • Undermines the root of human nature
  • Undermines human rights
  • Threatens future social and economic progress worldwide
  • Can change children by doing things like: scavenging, begging on streets etc
  • Can be trapped in slavery, armed conflict
  • Some children suffer violence or are maltreated
  • Children need: special characteristics, needs, learning skills, though, child labour can affect that
  • Child labour has a profound affect on the child's future

  • Forced to work - should learn and play
  • Childhood robbed - by child labour
  • Impedes development
  • Lots of traits of children are ruined or affected by child labour
  • 246 million children engaged in child labour - WOW! -
  • 180 million children aged 5-17 (73 percent of child laboures) engaged in the worst forms of child labour
  • Deprives children
  • Violence invades children's lives

Full answer: Yes it does affect a child's personality, because people undermine the root of the child's nature. Parents or just adults are threatening children's future, social and economic progress worldwide. Children end up working on streets, doing things like scavenging, and begging on streets. Child labour can affect a child's health, education, personal development, and maybe more. Children's lives aren't being robbed, it impedes their development. All together, my full answer is that yes, it can affect a child's personality. People undermine the root of the child's nature, and their rights. Children suffer things they really shouldn't be doing, when they should be playing and learning. This threatens their life, and their future. Children go through years of child labour, and soon they end up changing themselves because of it.

Did you know?

(Estimated) 22,000 children are killed at work each year?

How bad can Child Labour be?

  • Slavery
  • Work hard, by which it is carried out, likely to harm health, safety, etc...
  • Work with: dangerous machines equipment and tools, of heavy loads etc...
  • Working in a unhealthy environment: which may expose children to hazardous substances, agent processes, temperatures, noise levels, vibrations, damaging to their health, etc...
  • Children work for long hours, or during night

  • Children are pledged by their parent guardians to employers of debts
  • Working children on streets
  • Working children who has left their families in villages, cities, towns, etc...

Full answer: Child labour is a big problem, it is really quite bad. Slavery sometimes comes into a child's life. Children always work hard, they sometimes get hurt, by working with lots of dangerous equipment. Can also be affected by weather, working in cold or hot temperatures. With no care. Children work hard, and when they do, their very hardest, but they don't get paid, even if they work long hours. Though, children are pledged by their

parent guardians or employers of debts. Most or some children end up leaving their families, in villages, cities, towns etc. Anyways, again to put this all together into my full answer, I think child labour is really bad, and is something we need to work on to stop. Children are suffering with work, they end up sometimes getting terribly hurt, and employers or parents don't give any care, sometimes. As children work long hours, and they work so hard, but when to do those long hours of hard, tiring work, they don't get paid. So I think child labour is quite bad, and is a problem that we should really keep focusing on until we stop child labour.

Did you know?

It is estimated that $760 billion dollars over 20 years was to eliminate child labour completely?

What Countries That Have a Relationship With Canada Is Helped By Free The Children?

Countries like India, Haiti, Educador, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nicaragua have a strong relationship with Canada, and has been helped by FTC! There is even more countries helped by this amazing organization. Free The Children has helped these countries by adopting a village there, adopt a village is something that has been going for quite some time. As said on their website, "Free The Children works alongside with the men, women and children who every day strive to free themselves from poverty, exploitation, disease and thirst. This effort is not charity, it is sustainability. It is freedom in action.". Free The Children has helped all these countries, and there is more to come!

What Is Free The Children Working On To Affect A Global Issue?

Free The Children is working on a global issue, child labour. They have been helping to decrease the amount of child labourers around the world by adopting a village, building schools, so children can learn. You can also help in a way by donating money towards their organization for FTC to help out even more. You can take a part, and help children be free! Help Free The Children erase child labour from this world completely!

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