Starting with the Basics

How to build and Start a Fire

There a four different ways that you can make a fire.

  • First you gather wood.
  • Then you can make a Tepee, a Lean-To, a cross-ditch, or a pyramid.
  • Different ones can help you depending on your situation.
  • The Tepee fire works well even if you use wet wood.
  • If you use the Pyramid fire then you won't have to worry about it at night because the fire burns downward.
  • If you use the Lean-to or Cross-Ditch fire you will need tinder.

Different ways you can start a fire.

  • Five ways you can start a fire are Flint and Steel, Chocolate and Soda Can, Lens Method, Bow Drill, and Steel Wool and Battery.
  • The Bow Drill method is one of the most effective methods to start a fire.
  • For the Flint and Steel you strike the Steel on the Flint to make sparks.
  • THe Chocolate and Soda can you rub the chocolate on the base of the can to make it act like a mirror and aim it at the sun.
  • With the Lens Method you reflect the sun's light and make a fire like the Chocolate and Soda Can. You hold the lens up to the sun and the sun's ray are reflected.
  • With the Vow Drill you start by sawing the bow and it will make an ember then drop it onto a tinder nest and blow on it to make a fire.
  • Lastly with the Steel Wool and Battery you simply just rub some steel wool on the batteries terminals and it will produce a flame.