By: Sophie Kelly


Dance is movement, made by a person or people together or on their own. It can express many things and has a lot of emotion.

Dance is also a cultural thing, different cultures have different dances and different styles. Dance is a way I guess of telling a story or showing your audience how you feel to a piece of music to which you are dancing.


There are so many cultures in our society today and pretty much all these cultures have a dancing style. Here are just a couple I am going to show you and talk about;

My Opinion

I love 'Dance'. It is my way of leaving reality and going into my own world where I can do and be whatever I want and no one can judge me. Its also my exercise and stress reliever.

I especially love Hip Hop/Jazz but I don't mind trying to do a little ballet too.

My love for dance comes from the fact that I have always loved music! The beats and sounds and rhythm to some songs is great to listen to and whenever I hear a good song I have to get up and move to it!

Selena Gomez - Come & Get It (Live At The Radio Disney Music Awards 2013)
The video above is of a dance by Selena Gomez and the song is 'Come And Get It'. I am learning this very routine to do at my schools show night 'Mulwaree On Show' I am looking forward to it and I love the dance.