MONSTER By: Sanyika Shakur

Chris Giron

Book Cover

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thats Shakur^

Shakur is an Eight Tray Gangster Crip. he has been a member since he was 11 years old.


1. What is the main conflict in your book? Explain.

In my story Shakur commits all these crimes for his gang and he is in and out of jail throughout the book. later on as the story progresses he starts getting charged for different things he has done in the past.

2. Which character in your book can you most closely relate to? Why?

i think i can mostly relate to Shakur because in the book he tends to trap alot.

and out of school i trap hard

3. If you could ask the author of your book 5 questions what would they be?

1. Why did you write this book?

2. How did you publish it?

3. What inspired you?

4. Is this based on a true story?

5. How much money did you make off this book?

4. Choose a powerful and significant quote from your book.

"We all knew that the threat of being sentenced to prison for life is a mf."
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5. Would i recommend this book to a friend?

I guess i would because most of my friends have the same interests as me and i think they would like it.