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April 11, 2019

Happy Week of the Young Child

Our families are so very blessed to have YOU in their life. The work done here for children and their families is so powerful. We set goals with families. We provide them with knowledge, encouragement and resources. We provide families and children with skills that will make their life happy.

This is a very busy month for all, it is easy to get a little buried under the tasks and numbers and forget what amazing opportunity this job of shaping young ones and their families really is. Take a moment to reflect on your why or your one word, and know that this is one school leader who could not be more proud of what we do together as a team for families.

Big picture

Gentle reminder with a big impact

I want to give everyone a reminder. We are hearing a LOT of talk about kids in front of kids. It may be as simple as "He is a mess today" to a therapist, but we know it is not what we should do. Please be reflective about what you say about kids in front of them. Also consider giving your team permission to provide a nice reminder to each other if you should say anything about a child in front of children.



Health Room

Please extend the previous paragraph to your words in the health room. We want to be thoughtful about what we are sharing with staff in the health room. We also want to make sure that we are simply giving facts and letting them follow their procedures and our district policies.

**Little but important: please do not grab an ice pack and run. We need to document EVERYTHING, it is best practice.

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Flex Time Opportunity

Thursday, May 2nd, we will host our second "Grand Families" group from 5:00-7:30. We have a judge that is coming to speak to them about all issues related to raising a child you have not fully adopted. Dinner will be from 5:00-5:30, the meeting will begin at 5:30.

We are going to provide childcare for this event. If you would be willing to work with the children Thursday night, we will allow you to flex that time out on Friday. The flex time may be taken at any time during Friday, May 3rd and will be equal to the time served on Thursday. The flex time may not be taken during a meeting time.

If you are interested, please email Tiffany Nay and let her know that you will work Thursday night and flex your time on Friday. We will be taking RSVP's from families, so we should have an idea about how many children we will have. You will be invited to join us for dinner and will stay until all children are picked up, hopefully no more than 2 1/2 hours.

Next Year


2 part time Parent Educators (added a EHS position and there was movement)

5 ECSE Paraprofessionals (2 new, 3 retirees)(posted under Special Education Classified" not "Early Childhood/Parents as Teachers heading)

1 Title Paraprofessional (retiree) (posted under "Special Education Classified", it is not a special education position)

1 ECSE Teacher (1 resignation)

1 SLP (retiree from 2018) (posted under "Special Education Certified"

1 COTA (new position)(Posted under "Special Education Classified, not under "Early Childhood/Parents as Teachers heading)

Still under consideration/discussion:

1 part time HS Family Advocate

1 HS Paraprofessional

2 part time HS Paraprofessionals

1 ECSE LIFE Teacher

The top portion is currently mostly posted. The bottom portion has been in discussion, we are awaiting final determination. If we add 1 ECSE LIFE Teacher/classroom, a classroom will have to leave GBEEC location and go to a satellite location.

First day for students will be August 19th. We will be supporting Kindergarten the 21st and AM only on 22nd like last year. We are attempting to have Paraprofessionals here on the 8th to do some PD and some class time. When we have the PD plan for next year, we will get it to you.

P/T Conferences

We have information we need you to get to your families, if you have a conference early, please make sure to get the information from Kim. We want to make sure families know about our enrollment days for this summer.

Invited to Enroll

As I type, all wait list families whose child does not go to Kindergarten this fall, have an email inviting them to enroll for the 2019-2020 school year. We also have a very large pile of folders from PAT screenings ready for the invite as well. At this time, we are not inviting children who will be 2 years out from Kindergarten to enroll as a title student or a peer. ECSE and Head Start will as always serve children who are 2 years out from Kindergarten.


I am having significant issues in getting ESY staff hired. YOU all did a great job and applied or encouraged other to apply. The paperwork process seems to be stalled and I am trying to figure out how to move forward. Please know that if you applied, I am working on it. If you recruited someone, I am working on it. I just do not have the power to fix this, the issue is now over a month old with little progress, so sorry....when HR is able to process the paperwork, you will have an offer, but until then, come see me if you want to make sure I entered your name to be hired.

ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) Special Education Process Manual

We all agree that a special education manual would be a gift. We want direction in writing. We need to build this document...but

The pace we run at does not allow us time to work on this project during the school year. If you are willing to do work on this project this summer, please let me know. Team members will complete a time sheet for work completed this summer on the team.


It is very important to your PAY that you go in and check your time sheet at the end of each week. If you have a dock, I try to catch them, but I am sometimes unable. PLEASE do yourself a favor and make it a Friday habit!

Our Week

Monday - both here, Kerry to TRE mid day

Tuesday - both here AM, Jeanie PDO PM

Wednesday - both here

Thursday - Kerry SLC all day, Jeanie SLC 11:00-1:00, here rest of day

Friday - Enjoy the day everyone!!