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Staff Edition for Week of May 23 - 27, 2016

Nine Days!

The older I get, the faster the school years goes! It is hard believe that there are only 9 days of school with our children left. Just a few reminders, supervision of our kids during these last nine days is really important. If you are out of the playground, please supervise and spread out! Supervision on the playground is not sitting on the benches altogether. There are kids all over the playground. Supervise the halls and bathrooms. When we become loose, so do our kids!

On Wednesday, we will celebrate our dual language colleague journey to George Bush. If you have something special to share with them and the rest of us, please plan to share.

As data comes in, I will let you know in preparation for student placement for next year. Second grade you are just about ready, We are just waiting on writing scores for you all (they need to be Aware).

On Friday, the Talent show begins at 12:30 pm. 4th grade will eat in their room while they prepare for the really big show! This is always a highlight for the year!

RTI Leaders, you will be meeting on Wednesday and Thursday after school to finalize End of Year data and RTI placements. Tier 2 placement folders should be reviewed to make sure all documentation is in folders and complete. We will store these in the vault over the summer and then move them to PLC room for distribution next year. We will have kids starting out on Tier 2 in September.

Pray it doesn't rain on Thursday!

Engagement Night is when our kids shine! Let's make it special for them on Monday Night! WEAR YOU School Shirt MONDAY NIGHT (black polo) or some of you like dressing up. You can leave and go get dinner at 3pm just make sure you are back by 5pm.

EOY Academic Awards are next week! Your Agenda's are due to Patty no later than Monday with a list of certificates you will be passing out. 4th grade children should dress up. They will sit in chairs for the program. There is a reception in the hallway after the program for them. The rest to the Academic Awards should also be more formal than in the past. These are a big deal and you put a lot of work into them. Parent take off work just for these awards assemblies. If you don't take them seriously, the kids don't either.

Cum Folders will need final updates next week as well. Erin will be putting check out check list in your mailboxes on Tuesday next week.

Thursday, is the last day to post grades in gradebook!

Let's keep our relationships STRONG, Inspire our kids to be their best, Unlock gifts they possess, and EXPECT them to be SUCCESSFUL! WE create opportunities live our vision daily! Wrangler Pride!

Monday, May 23

7:30am: Talent Show Rehearsal

9:00-10:00 Kindergarten Rehearsal

1:20pm: ARD

5:30 - 7pm: Engagement Night!

Tuesday, May 24

7:30am: Talent Show rehearsal

9:00-10:00 Kindergarten Rehearsal

9:30am: 4th grade Dual Language Tour of Draper

2:30-3:30 Green Team, 4th grade

3pm: RTI Leaders

2:30-4:00 Chefsville

Wednesday, May 25

Grade 4 Science Unit Assessment

9am: Kindergarten Rehearsal

ARDS @ 8, 9,10, and 1:30

3pm: Happy Trails Celebration for Entire Staff

Thursday, May 26

9am - 11:30am: Field Day!

Happy Birthday Brenda Scherer!

Eat lunch in your classroom or outside on our new picture tables!

12pm: Talent Show rehearsal- eat lunch on the floor in cafeteria

2:45pm: ARD

3pm: RTI Leaders

3:30pm: Senior Receptions at Elementary Schools

Friday, May 27

WISD Day of Celebration!

9;00-10:00 Kindergarten Rehearsal

11pm: Graduate student interviews

12:30pm- Talent Show (4th grade will eat in their room at 12pm)


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