How to become

By:Guillermo Gallardo

Introduction Engineer=Life

Do you ever think about what we uses every day such as computers, processed food, and other devices that make life better or easier.

Most would thank the inventors but how makes then? The people that make these are ENGINEERS.

How to prepare as a young adult. IF you like science and math then here the job for you

For most engineers you’ll need to have a bachelor's degree (4 years of college).

A recommendation of mine is that you should be good at math, science, and technology which is all combined to become the word engineer.

Day to Day Life of an Engineer. This is not an easy job to do

This depends on which kind of engineer are you. For my project I will pick an Electrical and Civil.

For Electrical engineers they (usually) work in a office with a computer but some work at electric generators. They also look at designs for anything that involves electricity. They also work 5 days a week and 40 hours (8 hours a day).

Now for civil engineers you will need a bachelor's degree. They work outdoors or in a office on a computer or making phone calls. They work 8-10 hours. There main point of there job is they fix or remake structures.

Professionals in the Field-Lets take a peek in Mr.Schutt's life

I ask my interviewee a couple of questions and this is his responses

Q.1. Why did you become an engineer?

A.1. When I was growing up, I enjoyed math and science a lot. When I wanted to go to college, engineering gave me the opportunity to continue to learn more in those subjects.

Q.2. What kind of engineer are you?

A.2.Electrical engineer.

Q.3. What do you do in your field?

A.3.I design software that controls the blade position on bulldozers and other machines.

Q.4. Tell me what was the most difficult thing you did during your job?

A.4.Early in my career, I had very little experience and had to fix software on machines that were being sold to customers. It was a problem that was very difficult to solve and there was a lot of pressure to fix it because it was important to Caterpillar.

Q.5. What do you like and dislike about being an engineer?

A.5. I like the opportunity to work on machines that help the world a better place by building homes and roads for people. I dislike that that software I work on take a long time to get on a machine.

Q.6.What personal opinions do you think you need to do on the field?

A.6. I think you need to enjoy challenges of solving problems. You also need a hard working attitude. -Steve Schutt


In all I want to be an engineer because I think It would be fun in a way, think about it isn’t it fun when you grab parts of stuff and put them together to see what it makes or what it does. So I hope you like my presentation.