Greek Women

Find out how women lived in Ancient Greece

What were women like in Ancient Greece?

In Sparta, women were expected to be tough, both physically and emotionally.They had a very active life. If they were active, then there babies would be healthy. Athenian women were expected to be good mothers and wives. They had to be in care of their husband or their father. Both Athenian and Spartan women kept the society strong. If women weren't eighteen they weren't considered a citizen.

Why did Spartan women have more freedom than Athenian women?

Spartan women had more freedom because their husbands would be off at war, so they could do whatever they would want to do. Athenian women had less freedom because their husband would be home more.

Here is some of their clothing and jewelry:

Where did the woman work?

Some women worked as nurses. Others were landowners, and some women's jobs were to take care of the house. In Sparta, the women were expected to take care of the land they owned while their husband was gone. Most Athenian women stayed home and took care of their house and children.

Who organized the women's lives?

Men organized Athenian women's lives. They organized their marriage, and what they worked for or who they worked for. Most of the time they had to stay home and take care of their house. Spartan women had more freedom. They controlled who they married, and what they worked as.
The Life of Women in Ancient Greece