Miss Castro's Class News

Dear Parents,

We have had a very busy few weeks and have a well deserved spring break coming up! In this newsletter you will find news about events going on in the classroom, events around Lake Murray Elementary, pictures of us learning, and dates to watch for. I hope everyone had a great spring break.


Miss Castro


PASS Writing is officially over (except for those who have make-up) and so we are now going to start our poetry unit. This will be a more light-hearted unit which will be nice after our PASS writing study. We will be reading poetry, studying tools that poets use in their writing, and creating our own poetry. This is one of my favorite units so I think the kids will really enjoy it!

Also, this is our LAST week of grammar. We will continue to use what we've learned about grammar in our writing and reading, but we will not be analyzing anymore sentences.


We will have our fractions text next Tuesday. We have already begun our reviewing of fractions and the students will be bringing home a study guide today. The test will be mostly word problems that involve some problem solving.

Our next unit will be probability and capacity. We will also continue our multiplication quizzes each Wednesday (the kids are doing GREAT!).

Social Studies

We are almost finished studying the events of the Civil War. The kids have really enjoyed learning about this time period and we've done some great class projects during this unit. We will HOPEFULLY test on Civil War before spring break and begin learning about reconstruction when we return.

Dates to Watch...

3/26- Jump rope team try-outs practice

3/28- MAP math testing

4/1-4/5- Spring Break