Art Room Safety

Safety Tips On Clay

General Art Safety

1. Ask for permission to use materials.

2. Don't eat or drink until necessary.

3. No horse playing.

4. Don't breath chalk dusts and art sprays.

5. When finished in art wash your hands.

6. Read labels and look for Nontoxic.

7. Don't inhale toxic chemicals.

8. Always were protective clothing's.

9. Don't add to much water with clay.

10. Have a good signage for dangerous things.

Clay Materials And Tools

Materials/ Tools

  • Knives
  • Clay
  • Newspaper
  • Gloves
  • Paper bags
  • Water
  • Paper Towels

How To Use Clay Start To End

Disposal And Storage

You setup with a small cup of water on the side of your paper. Have a ball of clay, place clay away from your body. Have your protective clothing on. Start your project or experiment. If using sharp objects hold it away from your body. Have water where it would not be spilled. If you do not finish wrap in wet paper towels and in a plastic bag. If you are set it out to dry or put in Kiln.


Safety Tip

Be very careful with tools



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Metal Clay Safety with Kate McKinnon