By Kailey and Kaitlyn

Do you know anyone with asthma? Well we wanted to research a disease, that was simple, but powerful. We chose asthma because we know some kids even in our grade who have asthma, so it must happen to kids and adults. Click on pictures to see some facts

How to Use an Inhaler

The above video demonstrates how to use an inhaler

Can you Die from Asthma? What is an Asthma Attack

Asthma is still a disease, so yes you can die from it, actually 4,000 people die from asthma each year. An asthma attack is when you start coughing, getting chest tightenings, when you start wheezing, and you have trouble breathing, what is happening is your lungs are swelling up and blocking the air ways. To get an asthma attack you need to get triggered, triggers are different for everyone who has asthma, to see what it looks like watch video below.

How an asthma attack occurs

Kaitlyn and Kailey

We were interested in a disease so we chose asthma.