X- Ray Waves

Autumn Floyd

Uses of X-Ray Waves

  1. Dental Work
  2. Medical Work
  3. Airport Security
  4. Astronomy

X-Ray Technical Details

Wavelength Range: 1nm- 1pm

Frequency Range: 10 to the 17th power- 10 to the 20th power Hz

X-ray easily explained: 1. What is X-ray?

This video explains what an X-Ray is.

This video gives information on the Optima.

The Optima XR200amx

  • The Optima is a very advanced technology that introduces a new way to use X-Ray waves. This is a machine that makes life simpler for medical professionals and patients. It is a transportable, digital, touch-screen X-Ray machine. The images it takes are very clear and precise.

  • This uses everything a traditional X-Ray machine would use, but is much more accurate and advanced. It is digital and has a touchscreen. It also has a very handy pair of wheels, to make it portable!

  • The Optima is going to change the medical world for sure. This technology was specifically made to get X-Rays for patients in the emergency room, to help them quicker and more efficiently. Medical treatment is going to advance with clearer images, faster diagnosis and treatment, and improved technology!

  • This new machine came out this year, 2014. GE Healthcare designed this unique technology. The only company that provides information about The Optima is GE Healthcare, so the technical and more detailed information about it is not available. It is being used already in certain hospitals in England and has had significant success.

GE Healthcare: Optima XR220amx, Mobile X-Ray system

This video was made by the producers of the Optima and explains the way it is used.