Puppy Pound Update

February 8th - February 11th

Realistic Fiction Series

For the past couple weeks, first grade has been working on writing realistic fiction series books. Each first grader came up with a character to write their series on, and have begun writing their books! Once they have finished a drafting, editing, and completing a book in their series, they add a title page and get to now put their books in their series book holders!

First grade got to create book holders for ALL of their series books to be placed in! Look at them working so hard! :)

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Bring Your Stuffed Animal to School Day!!!

This week on Tuesday, it was bring your favorite stuffed animal to school day! First grade enjoyed the whole day with their fluffy friends! We all shared our stories of why we decided to bring that stuffed animal to school, and why we believed it was our favorite one that we had!

Top Dog - Miss C!

This week, I was top dog! :)

Some of my favorite movies include Peter Pan and Monster's University. I love to eat pasta and oranges are my favorite fruit!

It was so fun to be able to share some things about myself to first grade!

Valentine's Day Celebration

Throughout the week, we have been doing some valentine's day related activities. One activity we did was trying to see how many words we could create out of the word "Valentine". We also got to create Valentine's for our 5th grade buddies. They loved them!

Then, with our 5th grade buddies, we made some special Valentine's for a loved one! :)

And, since we weren't going to get to be at school on Valentine's Day, Thursday we got to celebrate with our whole class! We did so by exchanging Valentine's with one another.