The Discussion Handbook

Mrs. Gardner's Guide to Discussion Boards

Let's Look at Discussions

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How I Grade Discussions


Points can be deducted from your grade if you have errors in content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and/or capitalization. CHECK YOUR POST.

Generally, this is the grading guideline:

1 post = 70%

2 posts = 85%

3 posts = 100%

When Are Discussions Due?

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What This Means

This means that students should be checking the discussion board regularly. Here are some items to remember:

1. If you are the 1st to post, please return to the discussion board before the due date to make your additional posts.

2. If you post and there are enough posts present for you to make all 3 posts, please go ahead and do that.

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Check with Mrs. Gardner if you have more questions.