South Carolina

The Rebellious Land

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Charles Town

Charleston, formally known as Charles Town was established in 1670, and is the first city founded in South Carolina. It gets it name as homage to King Charles ll. Charles Town was known as the port city, and it was where a lot of importing and exporting took place in the 17th century.

If you want to profit off of the hard work of others your at the rightplace

Our Colony has immensely prospered on the foundation of human slavery, as it was the first to recognize African slavery. North Carolina located above us was our twin until our separation in 1729. The first settlers arrived at Charles Town. Our climate was magnificent with wonderful year around weather, and fruitful soil for planting and growing. The first people to inhabit the land were the Mission Indians, who were Indians that converted to Catholicism. They were a ferocious bunch as they constantly fought with the Europeans of the land to maintain control, in which they were constantly defeated. William Sayle was our first leader and governor. When we first arrived we fought with the Indian tribes for dominance over trade which we first struggled with, but because of our smarts and their ignorance we soon controlled the market. We were given Indian slaves but the Westos Indians and had plenty of hands for prospering our land and we had all of the southeastern part of the country eliminating all competitors. In 1680, a war broke out between the Westos and the Savannah Indians allies of our ending any completion between us and them. Between 1670 and 1750 there were about 25,000 Indians enslaved. We also slavery the in the Barbados, a small Caribbean island in 1627 that was the leader in producing sugar. The plantations of sugar prospered incredibly with African Slavery. There were the foundation for us producing goods for trade and making massive amounts of money. We didn't treat them with respect, we beheaded, starved, burned and whip them for digressions.

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