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Check your scales...

Dr. Vinson presented an illustration today with a set of side being caring, one side being giving. He asked us to list our key pieces on the caring side, what were the things in our life that we cared most about. What you value is where you put forth your attention and energy. Then, what all are you giving...where is your actual energy going.

I loved that...and then I looked down at what I most cared about versus where I put my time & energy and wow...what an imbalance!

Please remember that we have the very best job in the world...we have a job where we CARE...for a living. It is also a very stressful job, one that can personally exhaust all of you, if you let it! You have to take care to balance your world and make sure that you take time for what matters to you. I was quite sad to see all that I had listed on the caring side...that wasn't reflected equally on the where I'm giving side.

Just like on the airplane where they tell you to put YOUR oxygen mask on first, I want you to take care of YOU!

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Giving thanks!

It's no secret that stress can make us sick, particularly when we can't cope with it. It's linked to several leading causes of death and claims responsibility for up to 90% of all doctor visits. Gratitude, it turns out, can help us better manage stress. Gratitude research suggests that feelings of thankfulness have tremendous positive value in helping people cope with daily problems, especially stress.

To help promote a grateful heart and our Wylie Way core values, the bulletin board across from the library will be a place where we can share for what we are grateful through or Thanksgiving holiday. We will draw one of the teacher slips when we get back for a 1/2 day off before share something each day! Slips will be in your boxes on Friday, and there will be a table set up where parents and students can contribute as well. (No days off for them!)

Fare thee well and sad tears...

Mrs. Long has an amazing opportunity to join Hudson Middle School as a full time art teacher, which will help her complete her certification requirements. We HATE (H-A-T-E) to lose her, but are excited for her opportunity! November 6th will be her last day.

We've hired Alyssa Robinson, who will be joining our team next Wednesday. Please welcome her to our Whitt family!

November Teacher of the Month

Please vote for our November teacher of the month HERE. They will be recognized at the Sachse Chamber Luncheon on Tuesday.

Techno Tip

Bucket list is in your box...turn in if & when you are a Techno Ninja Warrior!
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Readworthy for the week

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Patty's Pontifications

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Jill Johnson Nov. 9

Emily Roberts Nov 12

Denise Arellano Nov. 14

Brittany Brown Nov. 14

Calendar Comings

Nov. 9- magazine drive begins! I hear this is a BIG deal!

Nov. 10- Sachse Chamber Luncheon 11:30, PTA meeting & 3rd grade PTA program 6:45-8:00

Nov. 11- PLC's day, team leader meeting in PLC room at 3:00

Nov. 12- Dennis Lee program (all grades) 8:15am, #URLearning (google docs)3:00-3:30, UIL competition here at Whitt 4-7

Nov 13- Thanksgiving Lunch in cafe, UIL participation party 1:50